Welcome to the world of 360 Zodiac Symbols!  ·  November 18, 2018, 17:11 GMT
Right now: Moon at 0°38' Aries, Sun at 26°19' Scorpio

Welcome to the world of 360 Zodiac Symbols!

Get creative!

On this page, we ask for your opinion on each of the 360 Zodiac Degrees in order to create a new set of Symbols associated with the 360 zodiac degrees, in the same manner the Sabian Symbols were created.
After a while, when there will be records for all 360 Zodiac Symbols, we'll offer you back this wonderful knowledge.

Contribute to this initiative!

Here is how to do it:

This page displays a randomly chosen zodiac degree.

Open your heart, listen to your left hemisphere of your brain, ask for a flash of intuition, go psychic, well, do whatever you want and feel comfortable with.

Just come up with a symbolic image, a keyword, a phrase, anything you consider that would relate to the vibration of this particular zodiac degree. There is no wrong answer.

15º Aries

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