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Zodiac Designs

Flags for the 12 zodiac signs

Flag of Aries

The Flag of Aries is predominantly scarlet-red. It is a color which evokes the state of activity, aggressiveness, excitement, boldness, frankness and delight. It is the impulse of energy, heat and ardor...and the most intensive color. It is a shade which is masculine, powerful, rude, choleric and physically irritating. In the light of day, scarlet-red is the brightest of colors, but it becomes less distinctive in the twilight. Its power does not spread to the quiet and soft nocturnal world. This color corresponds to the active triangular form and anything with a red surface will appear sharp and dynamic.

Flag of Taurus

The Flag of Taurus is yellow-green. It is a color which liberates and renews feelings...which fascinates by softness and calm. It evokes the impression of nature and emotional satisfaction. It is also associated with pleasure, charm, enchantment and affection. Green is defensive and cautious, as well as being weakening and static. It is a feminine shade of passiveness and peace, wisdom of nature, eternal life and hope. It denotes the placid and harmonic oval form.

Flag of Gemini

The Flag of Gemini is orange-yellow. This vivid color emancipates, creates interaction and is predisposed to contacts. It evokes intensive searching. Yellow is the most open, youthful and joyful color. It is directed toward the future, being sociable and restless...eccentric and quick. It demolishes limitations by making distances appear shorter. When painted yellow, objects reflect the light and attract attention. Yellow can correspond to the form of a six-rayed star, running out in the sides.

Flag of Cancer

The Flag of Cancer is light emerald, known as "lunic" in the Orient. It is the color of perception and intuition...dismissal and isolation. It denotes an inner emotionality, changeability and freshness. It is ideally feminine. This particular shade of green (in comparison to that of Taurus) is more slender and cool. It is compliant but hidden. It is an emotionally unstable color, being sad, strange and dreamy. It is inwardly mobile while outwardly inert. Reflecting feelings of vulnerability and apprehension, it becomes lighter and luminiscent in the twilight. By day, it grows dim and dark. Light emerald has the feminine form of the long oval.

Flag of Leo

The Flag of Leo is a rich orange. It is a color which stimulates and strengthens, filled with force and health. It gives the impression of a constant flue of energy. Orange is the hottest, widest and most pleasant and positive of colors. It reflects the balance of will and possibility. It denotes consciousness, ripeness, abundance, happiness and sexuality. It ensures, supports, and evokes appetite. It awakes, but does not excite, and tends to embrace space. Orange corresponds to the form of the wide rhombus that joins the diversity of yellow and the strength of red.

Flag of Virgo

The Flag of Virgo is varying shades of grey. It is a color which restrains, neutralizes, analyzes and distributes. It is also the color of modesty, renunciation, accuracy and mentality. As a merger of white and black, it joins the oppositions and can approach extremities. It is the least chromatic (i.e., "colorful") of colors, including all those in the integral form. Associated with rationalism and control, grey seems to abdicate from the vivid shine of the other shades. It contains some devotion, but there is also a certain amount of destruction and cynicism of a ruthless analysis. It is capable of sharp changes, being flexible, adaptable and practical. Grey is a difficult color to obscure. It corresponds to the rational rectangular form.

Flag of Libra

The Flag of Libra is light lemon. It is the most slender, tender and uncertain color, with a tendency to merge into white, which is the balance of all the colors. There is some artificiality, piquancy, weakness and indecisiveness in this shade. At the same time, however, it denotes lightness, caution, changeability and attractiveness. It is in tune with aesthetic perception and sympathy. It is a consoling color. This tinge is less intensive than the bright yellow of Gemini, being more static, modest and harmonic. It is a shade which orients toward contact but also evokes feelings of insecurity and unreliability. It suggests a concealed ruse and possible treason. This color has the form of a long hexagon (with concave sides) and reflects the light well, its intensity diminishing only a little.

Flag of Scorpio

The Flag of Scorpio is dark red. It is the color of emotional saturation, passion and power. It also symbolizes suppression, demand, sublimated activity, suffering, threat and strained temper. It is erotic and evokes instincts. In contrast to the red of Aries, this darker tinge is less open, being more secretive. There is some concealment and hardness in this shade. Because of its saturation, it causes excitement of a more emotional nature rather than the physical, as does the red of Aries. Dark red correlates with the form of the triangle, the top and the upper sides round, like a heart.

Flag of Sagittarius

The core of the Flag of Sagittarius is ultramarine blue. It is the most transcendent and spiritual color of the dark sky, complete with stars and space. It directs into infinity, offering an inner assurance and interest in the mundane experience. It is symbolic of faith and religion and also denotes tradition, loyalty, straightheartedness and upper harmony. It evokes fascination in the sublime. According to statistics, blue is the most preferable color and correlates to "leadership authority" between the other colors. This shade has the form of the ideal circle, inspiring the feeling of inner support and solemnity.

Flag of Capricorn

The Flag of Capricorn is brown-black, which is the hard color of matter, reality and affinity. It denotes conservatism, stability, concentration and work. It is a color which makes demands, calls for silence and sets principles and ambitions. Black is the most concentrated and hardest color...the color of protest, judgment, renunciation and isolation. It suggests time and death as absolute finality. It does not reflect the light and creates feelings of seriousness, pessimism, compression and, of course, darkness. It corresponds to the restricted and closed...the stable form of the square.

Flag of Aquarius

The Flag of Aquarius is light blue. It is a color which inspires the sense of infinite perspective. It enlarges the space and manifests the subconscious, creating the impression of clarity, affection and friendship. It separates from the reality and tunes on dreams, suggesting endeavors of the supernatural and carelessness. Blue is the color of thought and fantasy. Born from physical passivity, it is the most distant and cold color, indicating remote contours of things, renovation and travel. It has the form of circle, widening and dissolving into space.

Flag of Pisces

The Flag of Pisces is lilac-violet, the unstable color of inner contradictions which symbolizes gloom, mystery and melancholy. It is a color of alien influences, repentance, patience and sanctity. Violet is the dark shade of fascination, magic, supernatural, mystic and mysterious...the incomprehensible. It has a deep and even suppressing influence on the psyche, intoxicating the mind by hypnosis and meditation. It has the circle form with a wavy contour.

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