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Report true

from William Lilly's masterpiece
"Christian Astrology"

Original question: "A Report that Cambridge was Taken by the King's Forces; if true?"

Question background: "In the yeer 1643, His Majesties Army being then Rampant, severall Reports were given out, that his Majesty had taken Cambridge, &c. a wel-affected person enquires of me, if the newes were true or false? Whereupon I erected the Figure ensuing, and gave Judgment: All that we heard was untruth, and that the Towne neither was, or should be taken by Him or his Forces."

This is the 7th horary question from "Christian Astrology", page 200

Horary chart data: April 21, 1643 GC, 4:29 pm GMT, London (00w10, 51n30)

Report true

First, Lilly's words on this horary chart.

Excerpt from William Lilly's Christian Astrology

First, I considered that the Angles were all moveable, and that Mars did vitiate the cusp of the 10th, and Saturn the cusp of the 7th, one argument the Report was false.

Secondly, I found the Moon cadent, and in Gemini, a Signe wherein she nothing delights; a second strong evidence of a false rumor.

Thirdly, I found North Node on the cusp of the Ascendant, a Signe of good to the Parliment, for the 1st house signified that honorable Society: I found Venus Lady of the Ascendant, and our Significatrix, in her Exaltation; but Mars, Lord of our Enemies Ascendant, viz. the 7th, entering his Fall, viz. Cancer, and afflicted by Square of Saturn; I saw the Moon seperating from Jupiter, placed in the 7th and transferring his light and virtue to Venus, which gave me reason to expect, that there would come good to us or our side from this report or Rumour, and no benefit to our Enemies: I saw Mars and Saturn in a Square, which assured me our Enemies were so full of division and treason, and thwarting one anothers Designes, that no good should come unto them upon this Report; and so in short, I judged Cambridge was not taken, and what we heard of its taking were lyes.

My comments on this chart:

The rumours, reports or news are assigned in the 3rd house. As Neptune is in the 3rd house, it clearly points out that the report is false. But Lilly didn't know about Neptune, it was discovered only 200 years later.

Mars rules the 3rd house and it is in square with Saturn, ruler of the 4th house (cities - here, Cambridge). This is a strong 'No' indicator.

The Moon rules the King and his army - she is cadent, peregrine in a mutable sign, she has no force whatsoever, nor she receives Saturn (Cambridge) in any of her essential dignities, so the King's army couldn't take Cambridge.

Lilly mentions an interesting element of this chart: the Moon separates from a sextile with Jupiter, the great benefic, and applies by square to Venus, Ascendant ruler, the lesser benefic. This has been called positive beseigement is considered to ensure a happy outcome, as the Moon is the co-ruler of the querent and wherever she turns she aspects a benefic.

So, the horary chart's conclusion is that the report is false.

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