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"Will my income increase in the near future?"

Horary astrology question

This question was received on January 12, 2005, at 12:46:40 am EET in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

Will my income increase in the near future?

This question, as it is phrased is a typical 2nd house horary question. For a positive answer, I'd want to see an applying harmonious connection between the querent's significators (person asking the question) and the 2nd house ruling over income and finances.

The querent's significators are Venus (Libra ruler) and Moon (co-ruler). 2nd house rulers (income) are Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern). Mars is peregrine in this chart, meaning that it has none of the 5 essential dignities known from Ptolemy, meaning a weakened position.

There is only connection (Moon sextile Mars), but it is sepparating, actually meaning that the expected outcome (income increase) is fading away.

Jupiter, the natural ruler of prosperity and increase, is located in the 12th house approaching the Ascendant. Yet, before reaching it, it slows down and turns backwards (retrograde) on February 2, at 18Lib51, at less than one degree from the exact position of the Ascendant, telling us that the desired income increase, although theoretically possible, will not occur.

Although, I do not base my horary readings on new techniques that have not passed the time test, I am willing to explore anything that may have relevancy in the chart.
There is an applying square between Neptune and the 2nd house Regiomontanus cusp, meaning a blurred vision on the financial future OR a false image on personal income (usually rosed colored glasses). I'd choose the second because of the other chart indication that endorses this: Jupiter applying by conjunction to the Ascendant, but never actually reaching it.

For the sake of the chart analysis, although not directly related to the question, one may observe the applying Sun-Saturn opposition on the MC-IC axis and ruling it, suggesting obstacles, conflicts with the superiors, a deterioration of the professional image.

The answer to the querent's question as it was phrased is "No, there won't be an income increase in the near future", but the applying aspects of the Moon in her current sign (trine Jupiter and finally sextile Pluto, modern ruler of the second house) suggest that there will a positive income change in the long run.

Horary follow-up

In April, 3 months later, I communicated with the questioner, in order to find out what happened next in her life. She told me that about 9 days after the question was asked, she had a car accident of which she emerged unscathed, but the car was demolished. The insurance company provided a quick and satisfactory settlement.

Amazingly, the horary chart above also reflects this event: Venus, 1st house ruler, is located in the 3rd house (of roads and traffic) while in sextile with Uranus (the unexpected, the accident). The orb of this aspect is 1 deg. 34 min. which translated into time represents 1 week and a half, which is 10 days (measuring unit: weeks, because Venus is placed in a cardinal sign, but a cadent home).

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