'When will the Pope die?' - free weekly Horary Astrology question interpreted  ·  June 16, 2024, 16:36 GMT
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"When will the Pope die?"

Horary astrology question

This question was asked by astrologer Brian McNaughton on April 1, 2005, at 11:17 am MST, in Trout Creek, MT (47n50 115w36) who recommended it as a very good horary timing exercise on the Yahoo! Group Lee's Forum, a great horary, electional and event astrology learning and communicating resource.

When will the Pope die?

This a clear-cut example of how to time an event in a horary chart.

The question was asked as an exercise in using horaries for timing.

Considering the 9th house (rulers Saturn and Uranus) as describing the Pope, his death would be represented in the radix 4th house (ruler Mercury), which is the turned 8th house (death) from the 9th house (the Pope).

The distance between retrograde Mercury (death) and Uranus, ruler of the 9th (Pope) is telling the time of death. Between Rx Mercury and Uranus, there are 27 degrees 46 minutes.

The question was asked at 11:17 am MST = 8:17 pm CEDT and the Pope died at either 8:00 pm or 9:37 pm CEDT the next day (two different reports), so the interval is of either 23 hours 43 minutes, either 25 hours 20 minutes.

So, the accuracy of the timing from this chart is of either 2, either 4 hours (depending on which real time of detah we consider), which is not bad at all.

We may also understand the question as "When will the death occur?" (in general), and considering the distance from the Moon to the 8th house cusp, 27 degrees 3 minutes, we get the answer, with a slightly better accuracy.

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