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"When will I marry?"

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This question was received on May 4, 2005, at 2:15:13 pm EEDT, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e33, 46n33). A woman asking. No other background info available.

When will I marry?

This is a difficult question. Timing is not an easy task in horary astrology.

The main significators (Mercury and Jupiter, rulers of the 1st and 7th houses) are mutually separating from an opposition. Mercury is also separating from a sextile with Neptune, the modern 7th house ruler. The separating aspects refer to the past, they don't show future events. They might indicate that the questioner was about to marry someone in the past, but it didn't happen.

Instead, Mercury is applying by square to Saturn, which means delays, hinderance, obstacles in reaching what she wants, getting married. The 7th house ruler, Jupiter is peregrine and retrograde, indicating that she cannot find someone to measure up to her standards or that the current relationship is not going well at all.

Does it mean that she'll never get married ? No. It just means that it'll take some time until that will happen.

We also notice the Moon void of course in Pisces. As long as the Moon is void of course, no further event is to be expected. Remember that the question wasn't "Will I ever marry?", but "When will I marry?". The questioner seems to be certain the things will turn out ok and she'll get married some day. William Lilly says that the void of course Moon in Pisces (domicile of Jupiter, the great benefic, exaltation of Venus, the lesser benefic) is not that bad as if the Moon were in other signs, not ruled by the benefics. This gives hope.

There is a similar horary question with this one, about Pope's death. Then, the void of course Moon was in Sagittarius, the other domicile of Jupiter, the great benefic. The answer was given by the number of degrees the Moon had to travel until changing signs. But given the circumstances, in that case, the measuring unit was 'days'.

In this case, the common sense tells that the measuring unit must be 'years'. In order to verify this statement, I asked the woman to confirm if there was a past love, a fulfilling relationship, a particullary happy event/period that corresponds with the orb of the separating aspect of the Moon with Venus - 2 degrees and 50 minutes (=2 years and 10 months, that is in July 2002) and also if there was a past stressful or particullary difficult event/period that corresponds with the orb of the separating aspect of the Moon with Pluto 1 degree and 40 minutes (= 1 year and 8 months, that is in September 2003) and she confirmed that it was so, in both cases.

Now that we know that the chart is willing to tell us about timing and that the correct measuring unit is 'years', we calculate the distance the Moon has yet to travel in order to pass into the next sign, which is of 4 degrees and 12 minutes, so we could predict a change in her marital status in about 4 years and 2 ½ months, that is in July 2009.

So, the final answer would be: she'll marry in July 2009. The time will tell if I am right.

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