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"Will I have a third baby?"

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This question was asked on March 6, 2005, at 5:28 pm EET, in Eforie, Romania (28e38, 44n06).

'Will I have a third baby'

As the previous one, this question was also asked during a void of course Moon period... which again specifically points toward no further events about the issue inquired about.

But would that be enough, just to give the 'No' answer to the querent and leave the chart? Well, I'm a Virgo, so let's dissecate it a little more. It hides insides some really interesting horary goodies.

The chart clearly represents the situation: the Moon in the 5th house incarnates the querent's interest toward having a baby (in general). We also notice the Moon's sign, Capricorn, a barren sign, which is a good indicator of conceiving problems.

The querent asked about the third baby in particular - this third baby would be represented in the 9th house (the 5th house would be the 1st baby, the 7th house - the 2nd baby). 9th house ruler, Venus, is in its exaltation sign, Pisces, which is good news, but is COMBUST, being too close to the Sun, ruler of the 12 house (of chronic illnesses, the unknown or unexpected events). This is bad news.

Let's experiment a little: how about introducing the asteroids in the ecuation ? I know, this is a sacrilege to traditional astrology, especially horary, but, come on, if it works, then let's use them! at least let's give it a try.

Let's bring in Chiron and Ceres, because these two asteroids are connected to the conception and fertility, especially Ceres, related to fertility and pregnancy.

We can clearly see the Moon SEPARATING from a sextile with Ceres, that's a great argument that the fertility thing is over for this life, the Moon is further going VOC - void of course.

We also see Chiron, the wounded healer in the 5th house (of babies in general), in square with the 9th house (of the third baby). Another sacrilege: aspects other than conjunction to a minor cusp. But wait: the main problem with the minor cusps (the other cusps than the major axis ASC-DSC and MC-IC) is that there is no general consensus as to which domification system to use. Well, I am entitled to a personal opinion, and I have seen the cusps in ALL cases to work beautifully using the traditional Regiomontanus system, so I stick to it.
Going back to that Chiron square to the 9th house cusp, this also spells trouble to conceive.

Putting it all together, the chart is giving a clear-cut 'NO' answer to the question.

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