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"Should I be in this relationship?"

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This question was received on Mar. 21, 2005, 8:30:38 pm EET (-2:00), Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

"I have been experiencing difficulty with me ex fiance and I have backed off and had no communication at all with him.

I was wanting to know is if this is the relationship that I should be in or should I move on.

Should I be in this relationship?

This is a very interesting horary chart. As we know, if the question is properly asked, the chart clearly represents the situation.

The Moon lays in the house where is the interest of the person asking (the woman). In this case, the question is about the end of a relationship. That's the 4th (end) counted from the 7th house (relationship), which is the radix 10th house.

The 1st house ruler, Venus, woman's significator is in exaltation, a priviledged position, while the 7th house ruler, Mars, fiance's significator, is peregrine, has no essential dignity whatsoever, a very weakened position, with no control over the situation. That is the actual situation: she is the only one in the position to do something about their relationship, he's got nothing to do.

Here comes the interesting part. We see the two significators, Venus and Mars, in a positive applying aspect, an applying sextile. But in order for this to happen, Venus must step into Aries, her sign of detriment. In other words, if she wants to be again with him, she has to abandon her priviledged position (Venus exalted in Pisces is an honoured guest position) and accept a kind of 'subordination' (Venus in Aries is in Mars' domicile), a situation in which she will play by his rules, too.

We see the Moon applying to a sextile to retrograde Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house. In general when the Moon applies to a retrograde planet that is an indicator of the situation going back to its previous state. In this case, Jupiter is the ruler of the house of free will, the 5th house, which is also the house of best action to take. Basicly that means that by the use of free will, it would be advisable if she would reconsider her mind about this relationship.

Supporting this decision, there are a couple of other astrological elements in this chart: Moon's North Node's conjunction with the Descendant is one of them, suggesting that maybe the destiny wants them to continue this relationship (the North Node has a symbolism of fate, mission to accomblish, direction in life).

Another element is Ascendant's conjunction with Spica, a benefic fixed star of the nature of both Venus and Mars, the two planets involved.

Using the Sabian Symbols technique of the target house cusp, the Sabian Symbol related to the action to take (5th house cusp's antiscia symbol) is AN EAGLE AND A LARGE WHITE DOVE TURNING INTO EACH OTHER.

This Symbol's explanation: "There is a need to integrate the principle of the will with the principle of the emotions. There may be a confusion around whether to use force or love in this situation. Alternation of these responses may lead to a solution. Tempering one's will with love and bolstering up one's emotional responses with strength. Cooperation of mind, will, spirit and heart." (quote from - Lynda Hill, Sabian Symbols as an Oracle).

This is pretty descriptive, I'd say. This is what the astrology chart says. Now it's up to her to decide what to do...

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