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"Is there the possibility of a romantic partnership in the future with the man I am currently in love with?"

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The question was received on March 31, 7:49:30 am EET, in Targu Mures, Romania (46n34, 24e3).

The following background information is essential in order to understand the horary chart.

The questioner tells that she's been having a relationship with a man that she loves for a long time, but they separated in October 2004, because the relationship was marked by major unavailability by him, as he was also involved in another relationship, raising a son with his mother.

Two weeks before asking the question, she met him again, which brought up many feelings, so she asked the question if there was the possibility of a future relationship with this man.

She also told me that she's been doing s lot of spiritual work on herself in order to learn to let go the attachments and other harmful relationship patterns.

Is there the possibility of a romantic partnership in the future with the man I am currently in love with?

The chart reflects the background of the question: 1st house ruler, Venus, representing the questioner, is located in the 12 house, the house of spirituality and of sacrifices. Venus is also debilitated in Aries, her exile sign, disposited by Mars, 7th house ruler, which represents the man she's in love with. Besides this debilitation, we notice that Venus is so very tightly conjunct the Sun, only 1 minute orb = cazimi, a very special condition in which Venus is actually strenghtened. This represents the spiritual work that she's doing and which really empowers her, as the Sun is ruler of the 5th house, the house of free will and of best action to take.

Although there is no applying aspect between the two significators, we may notice that Mercury is going backwards, separating from a conjunction with Venus and applying to a sextile with Mars, which is called translation of light.

In general, a translation of light means that the desired outcome will be reached by means of another person. However, in this case, Venus conjuncts the Sun before Mercury reaches to perform its aspect with Mars. This illustrates the situation in which she moves on with her life and starts working spiritually on herself. The same focus on herself is suggested by Venus situated in her own term.

Looking to the Moon, she is located in the 8th house, which is the 2nd house (future) from the 7th house (relationship), clearly indicating where the interest of the questioner lays.

The Moon is co-ruler of any horary chart and significator of the events, we notice that she's separating from a sextile with Jupiter by an orb of 2 degrees. This rings a bell, reminding us that she has met the man 2 weeks ago. So, the chart is trying to tell us something related with the timing and the measuring unit is weeks. We further recall that she mentioned having been separated from the man since October 2004. Transforming this time into weeks, it means 22 weeks ago, or 22 degrees, which substracted from the current Moon position is leading us to 24 Scorpio, where the Moon performed her other last aspect, a semisextile with Pluto (at 24 Sagittarius), also ruler of 7th house. This way we have double checked the chart and as it reacts properly to events from the past, it should also indicate correctly events in the future.

The next applying aspect of the Moon is a sextile with Neptune, ruler of the 12th house, with a tight orb 16 minutes (transformed into time it means a couple of days). Most likely this aspect indicates an event or a stage related with her spiritual work.

The next and last aspect of the Moon is the conjunction with Pluto, significator of the man, with an orb of almost 8 degrees, which transform into time gives 8 weeks, indicating a contact and a very possible romantic involvement around May 25.

Putting the pieces of this puzzle together, as both the ruler and the co-ruler, indicate in the same direction, I recommend her to go on with her spiritual healing and in the same time consider again a committed relationship with this man, with a key event for their relationship within 8 weeks from the time she asked the question, that is, around May 25.

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