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"Does he love me ?"

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This question was received on Mar. 18, 2005, 8:23 pm EET (-2:00), Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

A woman asking, about a married man who lives in another country. She looks forward travelling to his country in the next few months.

Does he love me ?

Another relationship horary. The woman asking is represented by Venus, 1st house ruler and also natural ruler of women. The man is represented by Mars, the 7th house ruler and natural ruler of men. How cliché :)

Venus is in the 5th house of romance, exalted in Pisces (a very romantic Venus -> she's a romantic person) but combust, "burned" by the rays of the Sun, ruler of the radix tenth or the turned 4th (house, family) from the 7th (representing the man), that is the man's family (i.e. his wife, maybe kids, maybe his mother). That's what's "burning" her: he's already married. The horary chart is merely reflecting the querent's situation.

The Moon, co-ruler of the querent and events, is located in the 9th house - foreign countries - she's planning her trip to his country.

In order to assess love, let's have a look at the 4th essential dignity by ranking, that is the term. In this case, we see Venus (her) in Mars's term. Or, let's put it this way: Mars receives Venus in his own term. Translating this: he receives her in his heart, she's got a place in his heart, that is love (q.e.d., quod erat demonstrandum, "that which was to be demonstrated").

We also see Venus and Mars applying by a good aspect (sextile), which is great, but before that happens, the Sun aspects Mars, completing a sextile with it - this is the traditional horary rule of frustration. In this case, Venus is frustrated.

Once again: Venus (her), the fastest planet of all 3 involved, applies to Mars (him), yet before that happens, the Sun (second fastest planet, represents his family) perfects a sextile to Mars. The Sun isn't moving faster than Venus, it just has an advantage of 3 degrees over Venus, and therefore reaches Mars first.

Maybe this is what happens in the real life too: the attachement to the family (wife, kids, parents) isn't stronger than his love to this woman, but the family has an advantage... which cannot be surpassed at this moment.

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