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"Will I be lucky in gambling in the near future?"

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This question was received on March 15, 2005, 7:14:10 PM EET (-2:00), Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

This is a woman asking. The original phrasing of the question was: "I play lotto and other game. My question is: Will i have a luck in game of chance /lotto, toto/ in near future?" (the woman who asked this question is not a native English speaker, well, just like me)

Will I be lucky in gambling in the near future?

This is a quite interesting horary. In general, there are little chances for anyone to win the lottery, and the chart shows this in an obvious way.

The person asking the question is represented in the 1st house (in Libra), the only planet in the 1st house Jupiter and 1st house ruler Venus.

The chart ruler, Venus, is in its exaltation sign (Pisces) - the best position for this kind of events (gambling) in which one can never have the control of the situation, but only expect the touch of luck, a situation incarnated by the planet in its exaltation sign. So the querent may be considered lucky in general.

Yet, Venus is cadent and combust. Being cadent is a debilitating position for a significator which disempowers it. Also, the Sun "burns" Venus, and it is worthy to note that the Sun rules the 11th house, the house opposite to the 5th house of gambling. As I was teached by a very good horary astrologer, Lee Miller from Texas, the 11th house is the house of the events upon which the querent has no control, by opposition to the 5th house which has also the meaning of the house of free will.

So far we have learned from the chart that while she might be lucky in general, the chances to win the lottery are very low, this really a matter of hasard.

Let's go further and see if she will win in the near future. That's something that the aspects are required to tell us.

Venus, 1st house ruler, separates from a trine to Saturn, traditional 5th house ruler - that's a clear sign of her chances fading away. She might have won in the past, not going to do it again in the near future.

The co-significator, the Moon, is applying by square to Uranus, the other (modern) 5th house ruler, another clear sign of the odds not being in her favour.

The last aspect of the Moon before leaving its current sign (Gemini) is a square to the Sun, 11th house ruler (unpredictable and uncontrollable outside factors), so the end of the story is not a happy one.

The presence of Neptune in the 5th house is telling us abour her high expectancies of winning, however these are mere illusions as the rest of the chart doesn't support it. It's really amazing how accurate the Sabian Symbols for the antiscia of the 5th house cusp describe her gambling situation: "A WOMAN, FILLED WITH HER OWN SPIRIT, IS THE FATHER OF HER OWN CHILD". An explanation from Lynda Hills book on Sabian Symbols: "You may feel that you need to be totally self-sufficient at the moment. [...] Unrealistic independence."

That's all about it: unrealistic plans and hopes.

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