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Astrology confirms reincarnation

'Will I fulfill my destiny on earth'

Horary Astrology Chart Interpretation

True spirituality. Fulfilling one's destiny. Living one's soul's dream. Finding true life's meaning (of course, that's very subjective and personal). These are magic words that express something very special, very rare also, something we all have been longing for, maybe for the entire life, being more or less conscious about it.

We live in a world that focuses on the collective experience, rather than the individual one. Living truly, fully, intensely, is rare and unvalued.

This is why the subject of this piece of writing is very important to me. I get many requests for horary astrology readings, the majority of them on common, mundane issues, some are focused on the spiritual side of life, but very few are intense and genuine enough to yield horary charts like this one.

The horary inquiry was this "Will I fulfill my destiny on earth this time round or will I need to come back again? I have had some interesting spiritual experiences in the last few years which has led me to read a lot on the topic and I've been reading about near death experiences lately. And in almost all of the accounts the person is either shown their previous existence here or on another plane of existence or is given the knowledge that reincarnation is a reality for most human beings. I was wondering if I was on the right track, doing what I need to do to fulfill my purpose here on earth or if I would need to come back again to learn more of the same lessons."

Question received on April 25, at 9:54:30 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e32, 46n33).

A very special chart indeed.

We see the Moon in the 9th house separating from an opposition with Neptune, as the perfect image of the challenging spiritual experiences the inquirer had and that led to the horary question.

As elements setting the theme of the chart, there are the two significators of the questioner, Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern), each conjunct a fixed star, revealing deep meanings.

Mars conjunct the fixed star Achernar: Achernar, is on "the End of the Eridanus River." It promises happiness and success through integrity, moral and religious fortitude and steadfastness in philosophical beliefs.

Pluto conjunct the fixed star Eltanin: Eltanin, (Etamin, Ettanin) in Draco, is the "right eye of the dragon's head". It can be helpful for mental concentration and gives a liking for philosophical and esoteric studies.

Mars, the main traditional significator, is applying to conjunct the North Node, at an extremely tight orb, in Pisces and the 4th house. This can only tell that the querent (Mars) is fantastically focused on its goals, here the life mission inquired about (North Node), and about to solve the matter (4th house, defined as the end of processes), which is of spiritual, metaphysical nature (Pisces).

After completing the conjunction with the North Node, Mars then applies to conjunct Uranus, natural significator of freedom, unrestrainement, liberation, which suggests the breaking of karmic bonds, in relation with the question.

The previsioned unfolding of events, as shown by the Moon, is bringing this about: the Moon applies by trine to Mercury, ruler of the 8th house (=transformation), and then to Pluto, higher octave ruler of Scorpio, modern significator of the querent (=self discovery, initiation, ending of a cycle of evolution, passing to another level).

This last line can be also considered this way: the Moon (co-significator of the querent) aspecting Mercury (ruler of the 8th house, death) indicates the death of the querent, then the Moon aspecting retrograde Pluto (modern ruler of the 1st house, therefore a higher octave significator of the querent) actually indicates the rebirth, the reincarnation into another life. This sequence of Moon aspects indicates the reincarnation of the querent. Wow, this is a unique horary chart!

The whole chart is therefore a fantastic picture of the situation, a very special astrological reflection of the inquiry.

In the end, my conclusion is that the querent will likely fulfill this life's mission and get free of karmic links/burden related to it, but then will reincarnate in order to experience new situations, to fulfill a new life mission, to further evolve.

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