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"Will I and a former lover come back together in the future ?"

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This question was received on Dec. 17, 2004, 5:42:10 PM EET (-2:00), Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33). A woman asking, no other info available.

Will I and a former lover come back together in the future ?

This is a relationship question, a 7th house question.

For a positive answer we'll want to see strong applying connections between the 1st house ruler (the Moon), the significator of the querent (the woman asking) and 7th house ruler (Saturn), significator of the former lover.

7th house ruler Saturn is located in the 1st house and retrograde, so the former lover is very present in querent's life, and the retrogradation actually refers to a previous relationship potentially revived.

There is even an applying aspect between the Moon and Saturn (1st and 7th rulers), but with a large orb of almost 13 degrees and before that one is perfected, the Moon squares Pluto and trines Mars.

But there are some other things in the chart:

- Venus (general ruler of love relationships) in square to Uranus (break offs, ruler of the 2nd from 7th, the future of the relationship)
- the Moon separates from a sextile to the 7th cusp (Descendant)
- Last aspect of the Moon: a square to the Sun (not good at all for a long term relationship; suggests that the history ends in separation).
- Neptune in the house of the future of relationship (2nd from 7th)
- Saturn squares the Pars of Fortune (bad luck)
- the Moon applies to a conjunction with the MC, which is the cusp of the 4th from the 7th (end of relationship)

So, the final diagnostic would be: there will be a future contact between the querent and the former lover (that Moon-Saturn trine), yet it is little likely that it will result in a future long-term relationship.

Horary follow-up

By April 2005, I communicated with the questioner, trying to find out if there was a change in her situation. She told me that so far, the situation didn't change.

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