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"How shall I deal with my partner?"

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The questioner, a woman, describes a difficult situation, everything in her life seems to disintegrate. The question was phrased "How shall I deal with my partner? Leave? Go?", adding also that after 9 years of marriage, she doesn't believe that things could improve in this field.

This question was received on April 22, 2005, at 12:12:10 am EEDT, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e33, 46n33).

How shall I deal with my partner?

There is a strong Sagittarius-9th house focus in this chart: Sagittarius rising with Jupiter retrograde in the 9th house, the Moon, the co-ruler, and significator of the questioner's subconscious interest, also in the 9th. Even Mercury, ruler of the 7th house (marriage, partner), is also ruler of the 9th, suggesting a link between the two domains. The question seems therefore to be pointed towards a better understanding of the situation, from a higher (philosophical or spiritual perspective), rather than to make a definitive decision on this relationship.

Let's define the significators: Jupiter rules the 1st house, therefore represents the woman asking the question. Mercury rules the 7th house and represents the husband, the partner. The Moon, as always, co-rules the questioner.

There are quite a lot of aspects between these significators as follows: Jupiter and Mercury mutually applying by opposition while in mutual reception by triplicity. This kind of reception is only average as strenght. The Moon applies by opposition to Mercury and also by parallel of declination.

These oppositions indicate ongoing the tensions between the partners, although somehow mitigated by the Jupiter-Mercury mutual reception and the Moon-Mercury parallel. They may argue even quite often, but still they have things in common.

Saturn in the turned 2nd from the 7th, the house of the future (2nd) of the relationship (7th), indicates that the evolution of the relationship is not likely.

The questioner asks if leaving the relationship would be a good solution. We see Venus, ruler of the 5th house of the free will and the action to take, strong by sign and house, applying by positive aspect, sextile, to Uranus (changes, separations, divorce) but combust by the Sun, ruler of the 8th house (shared possessions). Also it is important to notice that the 5th house cusp in a fixed sign. It indicates that a change in the situation or a separation might envisageable at some point, but it'll take time and the main problems will arise when it'll come to share their possessions.

Retrograde Jupiter, Ascendant ruler, leaving the turned 4th (end) from the 7th (relationship) shows the questioner not ready to go forward and do radical changes in this relationship, certainly not ready to end it.

The final conclusion is that the chart is not suggesting that the separation would be a good idea in this moment. There might be something good in this relationship that is worth the effort to preserve. So, in order to make this relationship work, they'll have to make efforts. However, some changes are welcome (Venus sextile Uranus). See also the Sabian Symbols below.

Several Sabian Symbols may be offered for a better understanding:

(they are based on the relevant cusps' antiscia)

The Symbol for the woman's situation/state of mind when she asked: ONE HAND SLIGHTLY FLEXED WITH A VERY PROMINENT THUMB.
Explanation: There is a need for strong will. Although a degree of flexibility exists, it will, inevitably, be strength of character that succeeds. Being in control of oneself and one's environment. Openness and a willingness to extend oneself to others.

Explanation: There is a need for strong will. Although a degree of flexibility exists, it will, inevitably, be strength of character that succeeds. Being in control of oneself and one's environment. Openness and a willingness to extend oneself to others. If negative - an aggressiveness and an overbearing nature. Feeling that one is better, or stronger, than others.

The Symbol for the free will/recommended action to take: A BAREBACK RIDER IN A CIRCUS DISPLAYS HER DANGEROUS SKILL.
Explanation: You may believe passionately in what you are doing, but in order to show others you may put yourself at risk to present your feelings boldly and skilfully. This done correctly can only impress. Defying gravity. Controlling one's animal instincts. Courage and mastery over one's powerful energies.

(Explanations' source: Lynda Hill - "The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle")

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