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"Should I continue or end this relationship I am in for a few years?"

Horary astrology question

Question background:
The woman asking the question inquired about her relationship, as she feels that she is not respected enough or loved enough. So she asked if she should continue or end this relationship, if it would bring her happiness, love and completion in the future.

This question was received on April 11, 2005 at 7:12:55 pm EEDT, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e33, 46n33).

Should I continue or end this relationship I am in for a few years?

The woman is represented by Ascendant ruler, Venus, located in her exile sign, Aries, in the 7th house (the relationship, the partner), combust by the Sun. Venus in exile and combust is reflecting questioner's current powerless situation in this relationship. The Sun which combusts Venus is ruler of the turned 5th from the 7th house, which represents partner's will, such disempowering her even more. A very good horary astrologer and friend of mine, Lee Miller, considers the radix 11th house (or the 5th from the 7th) as the house of the events which are not under querent's control.

The partner is signified by Mars, which is not a dignified position either, Mars is peregrine. Even more, Mars is conjunct Neptune, which indicates that the man is quite confused or not focused at all. Neptune rules the turned 12th house from the 7th, which represents self-undoing, so most likely, from this situation or from his own actions, the man is going to be hurt.

Venus and Mars are currently in mutual reception by term, which I consider as mutual love or affection, but besides this, there is no applying aspect, no collection or translation of light between the two main significators, that would indicate an further evolution of the relationship. The mutual reception by term (Chaldean terms) is not strong enough to support by itself a totally 'yes' answer to a question.

The Moon, co-ruler of the questioner, doesn't apply to any other planet by major aspect before changing signs. The Moon is in Taurus and according to William Lilly "the Moon performs somewhat when void of course in Taurus". On the other hand, there is the sextile with Mercury within the moieties of their orbs, perfected only after the Moon passes to Gemini. Some horary astrologers would consider that because of this aspect, the Moon is not void of course. I think that since Mercury is not a significator and it is not involved in any significative way in this horary chart, it doesn't matter if the Moon is or isn't really totally void of course. The important thing is the she doesn't apply to the relationship significator, Mars.

Another interesting element is that the Moon is applying by parallel of declination to the Midheaven, which is the turned 4th cusp (end of things) from the 7th house. This also is a suggestion that the relationship is drawing to an end.

So, my conclusion is that this relationship is not going to evolve, the questioner's hopes concerning the relationship will not be fulfilled, so it would be better to end this relationship at some moment, although there is evidence that they both have feelings about each other, maybe they are not compatible, right for each other. Talking openly about the situation with the partner would be very beneficial (Moon sextile Mercury).

Timing in the horary chart

About the timing in this horary chart: I asked the lady to tell me some important past events in their relationship and she mentioned that they started to get close beginning with June 2002 and then in August 2002 they went in their first travel together, which united them like a couple.

We'll use these past events to understand the measuring unit in this chart. In the horary chart there is a distance of 31 degrees and 37 minutes between the Moon and Venus. If we use months as the measuring unit, this distance in the chart means 31 months and 18 days. Substracting from the horary chart's date, April 11 2005, we get August 23, 2002 as an important Venusian event in this relationship - relates to their "first travel together, which united them like a couple".

Using the same technique, the distance from the Sun to the Moon is 34 degrees and 32 minutes, this is equal to a distance of 34 months and 16 days from April 11, 2005, which takes us back in time to May 26, 2002. This is very close to the start of their relationship at the beginning of June 2002.

Now that we've verified the chart for past events, we can make predictions: the Moon is at 26Tau26 (3 deg. 34 min. from the next sign), Taurus is her exaltation sign, so most likely the situation will be still quiet, with no important events, but this will change in approx. 3 months and 17 days, around July 28, 2005.

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