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'Will I learn from my current relationship to evolve and open my heart chakra ?'

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On May 3, 2007, I received a question little common, targeting an area which happens to rank high among my interests so I decided to answer it.

The question was phrased: "Will I learn from my current relationship to evolve and open my heart chakra ?", no background information, no further comments. A woman asking.

Will I learn from my current relationship to evolve and open my heart chakra ?

The chart set for May 3, 2007, at 4:15:52 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (46n32, 24e34) presents Venus culminating [conjunct the MC], setting the overall theme and offering a hint and a shortcut to the final positive answer [usually culminating planets in a horary chart offer blitz diagnostic of the chart].

So, what is the chart telling?

First, we look at Mercury, the Ascendant ruler and significator of the querent, which is combust [by the Sun]. So the querent "got burned" in a relationship with a man [the Sun is the natural significator of men]. Good thing Mercury is separating from the Sun, slowly escaping combustion, so the situation will go improving.

As for essential dignities, Mercury is in its own term, which tells about inner resources of positive feelings and emotions, as my theory goes that the minor essential dignities of face, term and triplicity are related to the physical, emotional and mental level respectively.

Mercury's position by house is also relevant: it is on the dark side of the 9th house, that is prior to entering it. We know that the 9th house corresponds to spiritual experiences, therefore there are reasons to believe that the querent will undergo such experiences. This is exactly what the querent asked.

So far, we've got an interpretation using only one planet, a performance advocated by the contemporany horary astrologer and author, John Frawley, a Taurus who likes to keep it simple [just as William Lilly himself, actually].

But, Virgos cannot settle with simple, they need to complicate things until it goes beyond their level of understanding. So, let's move on.

The Moon in Scorpio isn't very helpful here. It is merely a witness to the intensity and the tragic mood of the querent [the Moon is in fall in Scorpio]. It is also void of course, letting us know not to expect any future events, related to the question. But we are not looking for events. We scan the chart for signs of spiritual evolution, and the void of course Moon is quite what one would expect in this case. Besides, the Moon applies to the Ascendant by sextile, which can only prove beneficial.

As for the relationship itself, it's shown by the 1st house - 7th house rulers, that is Mercury and Jupiter. They are not in aspect by themselves, nor brought about in aspect by collection or translation of light. Even if it might look like Uranus is collecting the light, by being in aspect with both planets and being received by both planets in one of their essential dignities, as required by the rule, it doesn't make sense, as I fail to see what Uranian situation could strenghten a relationship that goes badly, because Uranus is the lord of separations and divorces. Besides that, Jupiter aspects first Saturn and only then Uranus, which kinda frustrates the collection of light.

Anyway, going further, we check the receptions between significators and not surprisingly, we notice that it's unilateral, Mercury receiving Jupiter in its term but also in its detriment. So the Mercury person [=the querent] is in love with her partner, but also is estranged to him/hates him for some reason. At this moment the rejection is stronger, but the presence of love is really hope giving [as mentioned earlier, the reception by term is associated with feelings]. Jupiter, on its side, is indifferent to Mercury, so is the partner to the querent.

But there's more to this chart that I notice [and God knows how much I miss of it]: it's Mercury in applying sextile with the North Node, the only astrological element specifically associated with soul's mission, with evolution and this is quite the answer we needed: the querent is in touch with her destiny and has the opportunity to advance on the personal evolution path.

Moreover, according to the original chakra theory introduced to you in a previous article, Mercury, significator of the querent, is about to enter that specific area of the chart assigned to the yang, emissive side of the heart chakra, which gives specific indication that the querent will manage to open her heart chakra, sending unconditional love, which will most probably spiritually heal her relationship as well.

This is a fine example of how a genuine spiritually-focused question can generate a very relevant horary chart. Horary works on basis of resonance, similar to the saying "when the disciple is ready, the master appears". It merely displays the status quo of a situation, and there is no point in trying to find spiritual meanings in a horary chart, when the querent isn't actually really interested in them.

This is also an example of my original chakra theory applied in horary, and I'm looking forward to applying it in other charts as well, should the proper questions arise.

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