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"Will my affair end in marriage?"

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This question was received on May 19, 2005, at 10:37:28 pm EED, in Tirgu Mures, Romania (46e34, 24e33). The woman asking the question tells she is having an affair and inquires whether it would end in marriage.

Will my affair end in marriage?

The questioner, the woman, is represented by Venus, ruler of the Ascendant, and the Moon (co-ruler), while the man she has an affair with, is represented by Mars, ruler of the 7th house.

We see Venus being peregrine, mutable and cadent in the 9th house, a position that presents her as powerless, waiting for things to happen, possibly to marry a foreigner (9th house) or to move abroad after the marriage. She is not in the position to change the flow of the events.

The Moon in the 1st house tells about her sensitivity. So does the South Node located also in the 1st house, a unfavorable position.

Mars, his significator is in a better position, in its own triplicity.

There is an applying square between Venus and Mars, with some reception: Venus receives Mars in its exaltation (she respects and admires him, possibly more than he deserves, this is love and its rose tinted glasses), but Mars receives Venus only in its face (he is only concerned about her, but there are no strong feelings).

The other significator of his, the Sun (the natural significator of men), located at 29 Taurus, is received by Venus in its domicile and triplicity (indicating again love and that she thinks at him). In the mean time, Venus is not received by the Sun in any of its dignities. The Sun is about to leave Taurus, going to a place where it won't be anymore received by Venus, so he is likely to lose interest in her, soon. The other significator of hers, the Moon, co-ruler of the querent, is received by the Sun (him) in its fall sign (Libra), which might indicate even some adverse feelings about her.

So, the significators say that she loves him truly, but he doesn't love her.

The Moon's square with Saturn is another "no marriage" sign. Although the traditional horary astrologers reject the use of the asteroids in a horary chart, it is worth inserting the most specific marriage asteroid, Juno: Juno. It is located at 18°31' Aries and is disposed by Mars and the Sun, the man's significators, indicating that the marriage is totally up to him. As he doesn't seem willing to do this and as the Moon is in applying opposition with Juno, the 'No' answer is reinforced.

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