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Virgo: Preferences

Virgo: Preferences - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Virgo: Preferences Your house is neat. For some reason, neatness is the quality most strongly identified with Virgos. Although this is true, it's not extreme. You don't spend every day scrubbing the bathroom tiles, or bug-bombing your house, or holing yourself up in a germ-free prison like Howard Hughes. But you do pay attention to the little things: you keep track of important papers, and throw away the trash regularly (you're definitely not a pack rat); you do all the little chores—dishes, making the bed, that sort of thing, by habit; and you keep your belongings ordered (your record collection is no doubt alphabetized).

This instinct extends to dress. You wouldn't think of wearing clothes that didn't match, or wearing jeans to an important business function-you don't have the flair to get away with that. You really hate red—it attracts too much attention, and that's not you—preferring softer, blend-in-the-crowd colors like earthy blues, greens / and gray. Any patterns will be small.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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