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Scorpio: Positive Qualities

Scorpio: Positive Qualities - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Scorpio: Positive Qualities The dual aspect of Mars and Pluto working together creates an intriguing profile for you. You have all the passion and power of Mars, but the secrecy of Pluto (it was there from the beginning, exerting its energy, but we only just found out about it, and even now it's hidden way, way out there, and is the only planet that does not orbit the sun on an elliptical path, but a rather skewed one).

As a result, you exert your power in subtle ways. You're the person pulling the strings above the stage, where no one can see you, yet you're in complete control. You know you have a natural dominance—not leadership per se, but quiet control—and you take pride and pleasure in seeing its effect on others. You notice that the opposite sex is naturally attracted to you: You notice that other people find themselves acquiring your habits, or your points of view. Yes, you are a natural manipulator, very much like the serpent in Eden.

This does not, however, mean that you're evil. A few Scorpios have taken advantage of this power for dubious purposes—the infamous German World War I spy Mata Hari, for example— but for most of you it's just your nature. You've learned early on that you can't control everything—that's impossible—so you limit your scope to the few areas in which you can excel.

One such area is investigation. Secrecy and control go hand in hand here, so any problem that needs solving, any mystery that is begging to be unraveled, is your baby. You discover gossip, for instance, before everyone else (although you're hardly a blabbermouth). This is just because you're extremely curious. You'll take apart a radio just to see how it works, you'll explore a cave to see where it goes, or you'll follow a trail to get to its source.

The Mars influence also indicates purposeful energy. Hard work is second nature to you, and if you're the controlling force, watch it world, you'll blow it open. Even if you fail, you can still start over—that's Pluto, able to reach very deep into the system and retool it.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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