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Pisces: Trouble Areas

Pisces: Trouble Areas - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Pisces: Trouble Areas You are sensitive to a fault. The slightest out-of-earshot whisper or behind-the-back rumor will floor you. You're a water sign, but unlike the other two—-Cancer and Scorpio—you have no outer shell to protect you. So instead, you swim away. Your defense is to hide, either shutting yourself off in a room or, if that's not possible, withdrawing mentally into your potent imagination. This is how you write most of your poetry, or paint your most passionate pieces—in a highly-charged, defensive emotional state that's often triggered by an overheard comment or casual criticism.

Your other defense mechanism is to disappear. You have the uncanny ability to quietly metamorphosize into the walls, becoming unapproachable and therefore reasonably invisible to anyone else in the vicinity.

Both of these reactions, obviously, are dangerously anti-social. If channeled creatively, they can be quite therapeutic, but if not, you need a strong balancing force—either a mate or close friend with a strong foundation, or even therapy.

This state can also lead to an overabuse of drugs or alcohol. You don't have the constitution, either physically or emotionally, to withstand their affects, and you become addicted easily. You tend to resort to them much too quickly, and the problem just worsens from there.

On a more practical level, you tend to lack self-discipline. Some would say you're just plain lazy, but it's more that you're not interested in mundane facts or routines. You're so involved in your imaginative world that things like bills and responsibilities are a lesser priority. Here again, you need the balance of a mate who is business-minded and pragmatic.

Finally, you have a hard time making up your mind about anything. You are a wonderful adapter, a chameleon even—if you're interested in someone who is passionate about, say, gardening, you immediately will learn everything there is to know about gardening, so you can enjoy it with them. Most of the time, though, you'll find that you'll soon lose interest and something else will fascinate you. That's okay, as long as those around you understand and appreciate your free-spirited playfulness. If not, find someone who does.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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