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Pisces: Preferences

Pisces: Preferences - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Pisces: Preferences Since you don't have a strong foundation either physically, emotionally, or interpersonally, you reflect this in a lack of an announced style. You often wear clothes that don't match, or clothes that just blend in with the pack. You're indecisive about it. You'll go through stages in life, even from day to day, where you try this or that, never really landing on a look of your own. That's okay. You're more concerned with creating, and attaining spiritual enlightenment, so who cares what you're wearing? Pisceans are the most likely sign to enter a monastery or an eastern religion, and where personal style is utterly meaningless and trivial. That makes more sense to you.

One famous Piscean, Albert Einstein, spent his entire life discovering, creating, and philosophizing—this is what made him one of history's great men. The fact that his hair was always completely disheveled simply added to his appeal—he couldn't be bothered with combing it when such brilliant matters were on his mind.

Since you're the most emotional of all the signs, you prefer things that resonate emotionally to you. You don't care if the furniture in your home matches, but you care greatly if an old chair has sentimental value. That's the key: any inanimate object in your life is prized for its emotional content, or of whom it reminds you.

Even your taste in food is governed by emotions, although you obviously have a bias towards a diet that's high in water content—such as soft, liquidy rice and pasta dishes, fruits and vegetables—as well as seafood. More importantly, though, if a particular food reminds you of someone, or a special place in time, you'll experience it more deeply, a trait that's truly unique to you among the zodiac.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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