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Pisces: Physical Qualities and Activities

Pisces: Physical Qualities and Activities - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Pisces: Physical Qualities and Activities You are not known for your size. In fact, most Pisceans are quite frail and soft—not necessarily overweight, but just not muscular or firm in any sense.

As with your tendency towards alcohol and drug abuse, you tend to rely on medicines a bit too much, because your body does not have the constitution to fight oft annoying viruses as well as it should. But you may find that more natural treatments suit you better, and the holistic sciences in general satisfy your desire to exist on a higher spiritual plane.

You are not an athlete, but you love to move gracefully. Because Pisces is associated with the feet and movement, many of the world's great ballet dancers—Nijinsky and Nureyev, for example—are Pisceans. You also enjoy swimming, because it's both a water activity and a graceful way to move.

Interestingly, you probably are also fascinated by movies. Film and photography are very Piscean activities. Emotionally, you are extremely sensitive, just like film. You pick up everything, so this enables you to understand film—and especially film that moves—deeply.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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