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Libra: Origin / Representation

Libra: Origin / Representation - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Libra: Origin / Representation Libra is symbolized by scales, which represent balance. It's believed this idea originated because Libra begins on the autumnal equinox, at a time when the amount of daylight and darkness are exactly the same. In the old days, some societies made their convicted criminals wait until the autumnal equinox before executing them, so they could appease the gods of justice at the same time.

Libra is ruled by Venus, as is Taurus, but to a more obvious degree. Librans are clearly the most romantic, sentimental, and kindest of all the signs. The favored day is Friday (vendredi in French), and there is a fondness for the color blue for the same reason (you definitely do not favor red, the color of your opposite sign, Aries).

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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