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Libra: Occupations / Financial Profile

Libra: Occupations / Financial Profile - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Libra: Occupations / Financial Profile You have a tendency to be frivolous with money, even to take little interest in it, except to use it socially—you do like your nightlif e. But you must try to be more disciplined with money, to respect it more, to build a savings account; otherwise your social spending will continually consume your prospects of a sound financial future.

Occupationally, depending on your other astrological influences, you're likely to fall into one of two camps: you choose either a career that appeals to your sense of physical attractiveness or one that stresses balance.

In the first category are all those beautiful actors and models mentioned earlier, but also designers, decorators, beauticians, make-up artists, and painters. One advantage to these is that you generally get to work with someone, which is vital to you (painting is an exception).

In the second category are the law professions— attorney, judge, and legislator—as well as those that cater to tact, friendliness, and understanding: diplomat, counselor, concierge, and sales rep are a few examples.

Other famous Librans include Mahatma Gandhi (known for his supreme sense of right and wrong), John Lennon (whose life's work also demonstrated him to be an intuitive judge of character), Eleanor Roosevelt (a natural Libran hostess and diplomat), television host Bryant Gumbel (who is never confrontational), President Jimmy Carter (respected for his sense of fairness), comedian Dick Gregory (famous for his sense of justice in social issues), and designer Ralph Lauren.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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