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Capricorn: Preferences

Capricorn: Preferences - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Capricorn: Preferences More than any other sign, even Scorpio, you prefer dark colors. Black is you. It goes with your propensity towards depression and death.

Your sense of style is quite traditional and conservative, and here, dark is also preferable—it shows status and power better, and that is, after all, what you spend your life striving for.

Once you attain a certain rank, you have a weakness for displaying it. You want a car, for instance, that is above all a status symbol. You take pride in how far you've come, so you want to announce this to the world by buying an expensive, well-made vehicle, such as a BMW.

Your home is also impressive, the better to announce your status. In terms of actual taste, though, it may be a bit plain. Traditional. You rely on the good taste of historical style to lend it an air of quality.

The same goes for food. Your sacrificial side has such a strong hold on your work ethic that you often don't stop for food. It's not nearly as important to you as it is to your earth sign relatives, the Taureans and Virgos. And when you do eat, it's never adventurous. Meat and potatoes, chicken, burgers, anything safe. Exotic foods? Never.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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