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Cancer: Physical Qualities and Activities

Cancer: Physical Qualities and Activities - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Cancer: Physical Qualities and Activities Since your sign rules the breast and stomach, you must treat those areas with extra care. There's a common misconception that Cancers are more likely to get the disease of cancer than any other sign. This is nonsense. Worry-wart that you are, you can at least stop fretting about that one. You are more prone to gastric ailments, coughs, and colds. Diet is especially important in your constitution, even more so because you have a tendency to eat a lot of fatty, nutritionally empty foods.

You most enjoy activities that alleviate the stress you've built up from all that worrying. Golf is popular among Cancerians for this very reason. Even better, any relaxing pastime that involves water is highly recommended—fishing, sailing, or for the more active, water-skiing.

Because of your domestic affinity, you also enjoy home-based hobbies. You might want to build an addition to your house (extending that shell), or continue perfecting it in some way—you always seem to have little projects to do around the home, be it painting, fixing, or strengthening its security.

Finally, needlework is popular among Cancerians, perhaps because it closely resembles the movement of a crab's pincers.

Many Cancerians are attracted to art—it's such an emotional sign, it's natural to feel the expression deeply. You may love photography in particular, because it captures the emotion of a moment. (It also involves silver, the color of the moon!)

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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