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Aquarius: Trouble Areas

Aquarius: Trouble Areas - Zodiacal signs explained

Astrology of Aquarius: Trouble Areas The later zodiac signs are considered emotionally unstable, progressively more so in the sequence. You are known for being very touchy, especially when criticized. You have a thin skin— you're extremely sensitive to comments from people, and easily hurt.

You're also known for your fear of rejection. Quite often, you find it easier to explain yourself—or even ask for a date—on paper, where you can pour out your soul freely, and not be present for the potentially negative blow. This trait alone has led many Aquarians to blossom into passionate writers and poets. Much like the often misunderstood Virgo, your true self shines through on paper, revealing a sensitive, passionate soul that surprises those who only know your cool, independent public persona.

All of this emotional sensitivity, though, has its downside. If you can't accept criticism, you can't improve flaws in your character. Similarly, if you can't face rejection, you're not likely to survive and prosper in the real world.

Some of the criticism you've heard is probably oriented toward your curt, sometimes rude social manners. This is not because you mean to be offensive, it's just that you find formalities a bit hypocritical and elitist. You're a person of the people, after all, and you know your own mind, and you speak what's on it. Those little things don't feel right to you, so you ignore them. Of course, the problem is, you (and perhaps Sagittarius) are the only one who does, and this directness is not appreciated by most. No doubt you've experienced a few resulting social episodes by now.

(Isabella: Astrology & Palmistry)

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