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Virgo Zodiac Symbols

Symbols for each degree of the zodiac

On this page we display comparatively the 360 degrees of the zodiac and two sets of Symbols associated with each degree: the Sabian Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol.

Virgo Symbols

Virgo 1
Sabian Symbol: A man's head is revealed. It is a portrait in which the artist has sought to idealize the best in human character.
Kozminsky Symbol: A traveling pilgrim leaning on his staff, which he holds in his left hand, addressing a small band of men & women.

Virgo 2
Sabian Symbol: A simple but impressively large white cross has been set up in splendid isolation on top of a commanding eminence.
Kozminsky Symbol: A waning moon in a sky, half of which is clear and studded with stars, and half of which is covered with dark clouds which herald an approaching storm.

Virgo 3
Sabian Symbol: A glorious vision unfolds over a little struggling family in the wilderness; two mighty angels bringing protection.
Kozminsky Symbol: A young woman working at a spinning-wheel by a cottage window, which opens on a smiling garden in which bees are flying amongst the flowers.

Virgo 4
Sabian Symbol: A little chocolate pickaninny is playing with white children; neither he nor they aware of the racial difference.
Kozminsky Symbol: A bookbinder fastening covers on a number of unbound books.

Virgo 5
Sabian Symbol: A man lies dreaming in the shade of an Irish countryside; his dream brings to him the playful little people.
Kozminsky Symbol: An artist working at a large piece of tapestry of charming design, which he has almost completed.

Virgo 6
Sabian Symbol: Children's voices and the smiles of elders; it is a merry go round with blatant music and unrestrained joyousness.
Kozminsky Symbol: A large ballroom in which men and women are dancing.

Virgo 7
Sabian Symbol: The women's quarters of an Oriental palace are revealed; here are the bright and unafraid eyes of cloistered souls.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man in ceremonial robes, with a circlet about his brow, holding the emblem of life--the Crux ansata--in the air.

Virgo 8
Sabian Symbol: A poor little rich girl, not above five years of age, is given with much attendance a first dancing lesson.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man, holding a pen in his right hand and a sword in his left, standing at the entrance to a palace.

Virgo 9
Sabian Symbol: An earnest but bizarre looking individual is painting on a canvas; his art is futuristic and unintelligible.
Kozminsky Symbol: A sack of corn, from a hole in which the grain is falling out.

Virgo 10
Sabian Symbol: As if in a moment of vision a man is seen possessed of two heads; both of these look out and beyond the shadows.
Kozminsky Symbol: A sibyl in a cave, seated on a tripod beneath which is a cloud of smoke. The leaves of fate are flying into the open air through the mouth of the cavern.

Virgo 11
Sabian Symbol: A beautiful boy is revealed; he is all boy in every way, but in him lives too the idealization of the wise mother.
Kozminsky Symbol: A king, seated in a chariot drawn by two stags, throwing coins to some peasants who are singing on the roadside.

Virgo 12
Sabian Symbol: A bride rises laughing, youthfully radiant in her white, wishing to scold the groom who has snatched away her veil.
Kozminsky Symbol: A horseman holding with difficulty a rearing horse.

Virgo 13
Sabian Symbol: A statesman stands before the mob; his strong hand can be seen in a transforming of hysteria into new enthusiasm.
Kozminsky Symbol: A large black cloud, around which are bright silver lights.

Virgo 14
Sabian Symbol: A large sheet of parchment is covered with finely lettered names and mysterious lines; it is a splendid family tree.
Kozminsky Symbol: A torn document, old and crinkled, on which is a large black seal.

Virgo 15
Sabian Symbol: A handkerchief of the finest linen and oldest lace lies folded near milady's mirror by a bottle of rare perfume.
Kozminsky Symbol: A radiant rainbow, in the centre of which is the sun in its brightness.

Virgo 16
Sabian Symbol: The delighted children are crowded about a cage in the zoo; an orang-outang is sitting in a spot of afternoon sun.
Kozminsky Symbol: A fire emitting flames of beautiful colour-blends.

Virgo 17
Sabian Symbol: A vast display of cosmic force is seen in the eruption of a volcano with dust clouds, flowing lava, earth rumblings.
Kozminsky Symbol: An astrologer seated at a desk, his head resting on his left hand, judging a nativity.

Virgo 18
Sabian Symbol: Two giggling young girls are sitting facing each other, knees tightly touching, working an ouija board on their laps.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man, supporting a little girl, swimming towards the shore in a rough sea.

Virgo 19
Sabian Symbol: There is a colorful gallery on the warm summer day; in the clear blue water a swimming race nears its decision.
Kozminsky Symbol: A rough fire mountain, from several parts of which smoke is rising. On one of the slopes laborers are working.

Virgo 20
Sabian Symbol: A group of old-fashioned automobiles comprise a caravan of settlers on the move; a fresh enthusiasm marks the party.
Kozminsky Symbol: A great grey warship with her decks cleared ready for action.

Virgo 21
Sabian Symbol: A large cheerful but bare room holds two teams of fresh young girls engaged in a laughing contest of basketball.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man burning a will as he triumphantly looks towards another lying on a table.

Virgo 22
Sabian Symbol: Upon rich velvet in a case, at an exhibition, is an exquisitely wrought miniature; a jewel-set royal coat-of-arms.
Kozminsky Symbol: Nymphs and fauns in the midst of Bacchanalian orgies in the woods.

Virgo 23
Sabian Symbol: A man clad in gay colors of the circus rushes into the barred arena where unwilling animals await his bidding.
Kozminsky Symbol: The Virgin Astraea, with bandaged eyes, being led away by the angels from the world flooded with blood, misery, injustice, and crime.

Virgo 24
Sabian Symbol: A large book for children is open at a colored page; here Mary with her yellow curls leads an immaculate white lamb.
Kozminsky Symbol: A colossal giant holding a woman in his hand.

Virgo 25
Sabian Symbol: A large glorious public building is seen set in a spacious part(k); before it a flag moves with the breeze at half-mast.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man, from whose forehead streams a dazzling white light, passing through a fiery valley, at the end of which are beautiful lawns, flowers, and trees bathed in brilliant sunlight.

Virgo 26
Sabian Symbol: A highly ritualistic service is in process; officiating priests are automatons, a boy with a censer is rapt-eyed.
Kozminsky Symbol: An antique temple of the Muses built on a rock, over which flows an enchanting fall of clear sparkling water.

Virgo 27
Sabian Symbol: In the luxurious quarters of a home furnished in delicate period style, elderly ladies are enjoying afternoon tea.
Kozminsky Symbol: A newspaper critic seated in a theater watching a performance.

Virgo 28
Sabian Symbol: A bald-headed man in uniform completely dominates an assembly of men: diplomats, scientists and industrialists.
Kozminsky Symbol: A gang of stevedores loading a vessel with product.

Virgo 29
Sabian Symbol: A scholar has just succeeded in deciphering an archaic manuscript; it holds an idea for which he has long sought.
Kozminsky Symbol: A crescent moon shining with especial brightness in a blue, star-crowded sky.

Virgo 30
Sabian Symbol: A suburbanite grins; an emergency call to the house of a neighbor frees him from some item of household drudgery.
Kozminsky Symbol: A heap of bright yellow oranges blown from the tree by the wind.

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