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Taurus Zodiac Symbols

Symbols for each degree of the zodiac

On this page we display comparatively the 360 degrees of the zodiac and two sets of Symbols associated with each degree: the Sabian Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol.

Taurus Symbols

Taurus 1
Sabian Symbol: A clear mountain stream flows steadily through a rocky defile.
Kozminsky Symbol: A grey vapour surrounding a bush of red roses upon which is a brilliantly coloured butterfly.
Taurus 2
Sabian Symbol: A brilliant electrical display illuminates the heavens and the forests beneath.
Kozminsky Symbol: A heart crowned on the summit of a barren rock jutting out of the ocean--a bevy of white sea-birds speeding towards it from the east in crescent form.
Taurus 3
Sabian Symbol: A beautiful expanse shows natural steps leading upward to a lawn of clover in full bloom.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man tossing handfuls of seed to the earth, which, as soon as they touch, fructify and incline towards him.
Taurus 4
Sabian Symbol: The rainbow's pot of gold is revealed in the midst of a shower of sparkling and flashing colors.
Kozminsky Symbol: The arena of a circus during a night performance, the ringmaster in the centre urging forward the movements of a large white horse galloping round the ring, a lady gymnast standing on the animal's back holding a hoop of fire.
Taurus 5
Sabian Symbol: A youthful widow, fresh and soul-cleansed from grief, kneels at a grave to receive the secret of eternal life.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two young men carrying huge bunches of large grapes on a pole between them, giving freely of the fruit to troops of children.
Taurus 6
Sabian Symbol: A delicate cantilever bridge is in process of construction across a high narrow gorge.
Kozminsky Symbol: A judge in his robes of office handing a book to a student, who is stretching out his hands to receive it.
Taurus 7
Sabian Symbol: Out of the past comes the woman of Samaria to draw water from Jacob's well.
Kozminsky Symbol: A beautiful white swan swimming on a smooth lake edged by lilies and grasses and pretty little wild flowers.
Taurus 8
Sabian Symbol: A sleigh with all the suggestive warmth of the winter season speeds over ground on which the snow is yet to fall.
Kozminsky Symbol: A leafless tree, on a plain, bending before a violent gale of wind, which whistles wildly through the branches.
Taurus 9
Sabian Symbol: A Christmas tree, bending with its weight of gifts, is illuminated at the end of a vast darkened hall.
Kozminsky Symbol: A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking.
Taurus 10
Sabian Symbol: A pretty lass in Red Cross uniform is hurrying about the duties that a warm sympathy has dictated.
Kozminsky Symbol: A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man's face reflected in the water.
Taurus 11
Sabian Symbol: A woman, cool in sunbonnet and simple garments, is leisurely watering long rows of flowers in full bloom.
Kozminsky Symbol: A monk on a rocky road giving drink and food to a poor traveler who has fallen by the way. A rayed anchor above his head.
Taurus 12
Sabian Symbol: A quite youthful young couple is walking down a busy street, stopping to peer into every window with joyful glee.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two diggers working on a mountain-slope unearth a large mass of glittering gold.
Taurus 13
Sabian Symbol: A man very cheerful in his working clothes is handling a mountain of baggage the best he can.
Kozminsky Symbol: A judge in a court of law frowning at a man holding up a document.
Taurus 14
Sabian Symbol: Several children are splashing with delight in a receding tide, and at their feet are shellfish groping for shelter.
Kozminsky Symbol: A virgin clothed in white, with a bright star above her head, joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.
Taurus 15
Sabian Symbol: A man in evening clothes, muffled to breast the storm through which he walks, yet wears his tophat rakishly.
Kozminsky Symbol: A student with lamp in hand, standing at the entrance of a cavern from which issue clouds of soft, light,, rosy vapour.
Taurus 16
Sabian Symbol: An old man is attempting with a degree of success unsuspected by him to reveal the Mysteries to a motley group.
Kozminsky Symbol: A white dove, adorned with a rose-coloured ribbon to which is attached a little bell, standing on the right shoulder of a man drinking wine.
Taurus 17
Sabian Symbol: An imaginative battle is under way between swords, the disciples of might, and torches, the disciples of enlightenment.
Kozminsky Symbol: A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.
Taurus 18
Sabian Symbol: A woman is holding a linen bag out of her window to give it fresh air and sunshine.
Kozminsky Symbol: A gaudily dressed herald blowing a trumpet, at the sound of which two knights, one on a white charger, the other on a black, rush towards each other with set spears.
Taurus 19
Sabian Symbol: A newly formed continent is seen, fresh and green within its setting of interminable ocean.
Kozminsky Symbol: An archer, dressed in red, firing arrows at the Moon.
Taurus 20
Sabian Symbol: Light scurrying wisps of clouds are streaming in rapid movement across the sky.
Kozminsky Symbol: A flight of white eagles.
Taurus 21
Sabian Symbol: A moving finger points to the significant passages in a large open book.
Kozminsky Symbol: A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddle-cloth entering a course.
Taurus 22
Sabian Symbol: A white homing pigeon flies straight and fearlessly over a broad body of troubled water.
Kozminsky Symbol: Hand holding a torch amidst the darkness.
Taurus 23
Sabian Symbol: A magnificent jewelry shop is revealed, containing every conceivable article of value and or beauty.
Kozminsky Symbol: St. Michael slaying the Dragon in a shower of black rain.
Taurus 24
Sabian Symbol: A mounted Indian brave rides proudly with human scalps as trophies at his belt.
Kozminsky Symbol: A prisoner having escaped from his prison is endeavoring to break his fetters with the aid of some large flinty stones.
Taurus 25
Sabian Symbol: A magnificent public park spreads its charm before the eye in a vista that awes the loftiest spirit.
Kozminsky Symbol: A dense column of smoke from which issue flashes of lightning.
Taurus 26
Sabian Symbol: A Spanish gallant stands at the window grill of his love, serenading her with the softer melodies of night.
Kozminsky Symbol: A giant of benevolent aspect, with his foot on a broken sword, tearing up the laws of the world by which men have been governed for centuries. Behind him are broken bags of golden coins, which are falling in a shower over a precipice.
Taurus 27
Sabian Symbol: A hopelessly withered old Indian squaw, with a clear light persisting in beady eyes, is selling trinkets.
Kozminsky Symbol: An inventor having risen from his bench gazes admiringly at a remarkable engine which he has just completed.
Taurus 28
Sabian Symbol: A woman in middle life stands in rapt sudden realization of forgotten charms, in unexpected recovery of romance.
Kozminsky Symbol: A woman looking into a crystal ball in which confused images are reflected.
Taurus 29
Sabian Symbol: Two garrulous old cobblers are working side by side on their ancient bench.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man at a cross-road. Above him are two spirits, one black and the other white. Each strives to impress him, but his mind is too perplexed to understand either.
Taurus 30
Sabian Symbol: A peacock parades its splendor on the quiet lawn of an old palace garden in dignified solitude.
Kozminsky Symbol: A huge ironstone rolling down a mountain-side strikes a clump of hard flint, causing a bright fiery flash.

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