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Pisces Zodiac Symbols

Symbols for each degree of the zodiac

On this page we display comparatively the 360 degrees of the zodiac and two sets of Symbols associated with each degree: the Sabian Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol.

Pisces Symbols

Pisces 1
Sabian Symbol: The public market is thronged with people. All are good-natured and hurried on a late Saturday afternoon.
Kozminsky Symbol: A satyr sitting on a rock by a river which is running into the sea, holding a fish.

Pisces 2
Sabian Symbol: Almost as if possessed with man's intelligence a tiny squirrel remains watchful on a limb, hidden from the hunters.
Kozminsky Symbol: An old man sitting beneath a leafless tree with bread in his hand and a bag of money by his side.

Pisces 3
Sabian Symbol: A dull expanse of rocky formations turns out to be a petrified forest, an eternal record of life lived long ago.
Kozminsky Symbol: The deck of a trawler on which are quantities of fish. It is night. A small cottage is on fire on the land, and this, with the shore lights, is reflected in the water.

Pisces 4
Sabian Symbol: The narrow isthmus between two summer resorts both sparkling with life carries crowded holiday traffic safely.
Kozminsky Symbol: A lighthouse built on rocks in the midst of an angry sea. Over the sky is a rainbow.

Pisces 5
Sabian Symbol: Through the spacious grounds of the church are strung Japanese lanterns for a bazaar of merry hearts and faces.
Kozminsky Symbol: The interior of a tent of a Roman military commander in which is a table set with abundance of food and drink in rich vessels of gold and silver.

Pisces 6
Sabian Symbol: All the traditional dignity of West Point is seen in the parade of officers-in-the-making under the setting sun.
Kozminsky Symbol: Pirates tying a captive to a tree by the seashore. An old sailor hidden behind the rocks and foliage watching and waiting, knife in hand, to set him free.

Pisces 7
Sabian Symbol: Over the strewn and irregular rocks at the shore is low-lying fog but on one clear rock a cross rests.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two wrestlers struggling for mastery. One is dark and evil-looking, whilst the other is as an angel in manly beauty.

Pisces 8
Sabian Symbol: A trim and splendid miss at the camp of a semi-military organization for girls blows her bugle triumphantly.
Kozminsky Symbol: A slave merchant selling a beautiful woman in an Eastern marketplace.

Pisces 9
Sabian Symbol: A tiny jockey from his magnificent horse looks out eagerly. As the race begins he becomes a god of speed.
Kozminsky Symbol: Venus and Cupid, metamorphosed as two fishes, swimming from agiant who stands on a rock.

Pisces 10
Sabian Symbol: As a tiny fleck of dust in the sky the aviator sails across the horizon in absolute mastery of these higher realms.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man sweeping together quicksilver which has fallen from a dish and has scattered in all directions.

Pisces 11
Sabian Symbol: A group of serious-eyed earnest faced men are seeking illumination and are conducted into a massive sanctuary.
Kozminsky Symbol: A dog running amongst some children playing on the seashore.

Pisces 12
Sabian Symbol: A convocation of the Lodge of Initiates has brought the earth's glorious souls in spirit to examine candidates.
Kozminsky Symbol: An author with his head in his hands, a rejected manuscript and a lady's photograph on a table before him.

Pisces 13
Sabian Symbol: In a still corner of the museum are weapons of long ago. In a glass case by itself is a single venerable sword.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man crossing a bog on an old tree which has long ago fallen.

Pisces 14
Sabian Symbol: A young lady from top of coiffure to tip of toes is regal. She displays soft beauty of face above fox furs.
Kozminsky Symbol: A number of stevedores loading a ship at a port.

Pisces 15
Sabian Symbol: An officer in unkempt campaign uniform is preparing to drill his men dressed in military tops quite worn for wear.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man standing on a high lookout, nervously scanning the horizon at high noon, a comrade fallen at his side stricken by the sun.

Pisces 16
Sabian Symbol: In the sacred quiet and afternoon half-lights of the museum a young art student drinks in pure inspiration.
Kozminsky Symbol: A hawk with outspread wings standing on a trumpet.

Pisces 17
Sabian Symbol: In the boulevard sunshine the promenade of wealth's Easter is seen and in poorer quarters is equally brave show.
Kozminsky Symbol: A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold.

Pisces 18
Sabian Symbol: The celebrated revivalist has erected his huge tent now warmed by music, lights, and the smell of sawdust.
Kozminsky Symbol: A spider seizing a fly caught in the web.

Pisces 19
Sabian Symbol: The young man and old one have walked many miles but as master and pupil they neither are fatigued.
Kozminsky Symbol: A sick man lying at the base of a large stone cross, a greyhound running in the distance.

Pisces 20
Sabian Symbol: The window of the farmhouse yields its view of soft purple fields. The table is set for a quiet supper.
Kozminsky Symbol: An itinerant musician playing the mandolin and singing love songs to a number of country maidens who are seated on rocks and fallen trees around him.

Pisces 21
Sabian Symbol: A child who is strange to rural life has taken violent fancy to a little white lamb. A Chinese servant smiles.
Kozminsky Symbol: A staff adorned with colored ribbons standing in a field of violets, butterflies circling around it.

Pisces 22
Sabian Symbol: Down the man made mountain of industry in allegorical representation comes a prophet with tablets of a new law.
Kozminsky Symbol: A snake hidden in a bush of wild flowers near a bubbling stream.

Pisces 23
Sabian Symbol: A huge hulk of a woman medium has gone into trance. Around her are entities continually forming and dissolving.
Kozminsky Symbol: A heap of broken arms and military trappings lying in a muddy pool.

Pisces 24
Sabian Symbol: The tiny island seems lost in the broad ocean but its happy inhabitants have created a great world all their own.
Kozminsky Symbol: A giant ape dragging a woman into the forests.

Pisces 25
Sabian Symbol: Ecclesiastical reform of drastic nature is in progress. A purged and purified priesthood opens a new ministry.
Kozminsky Symbol: An unfurled flag on a shaft of forked lightning.

Pisces 26
Sabian Symbol: A new moon just visible at sundown to the lovers is romantic only, but to the philosopher it speaks of eternity.
Kozminsky Symbol: A dowser with a wand of hazel in his hands, finding water on barren lands.

Pisces 27
Sabian Symbol: The harvest moon rises superbly in the east. The light of day is shamed by the colors of an autumnal evening.
Kozminsky Symbol: A horse running with flames issuing from his nostrils.

Pisces 28
Sabian Symbol: Night has seemed as light as day; in the odd shadows of diffused whiteness the fertile fields appear quite alive.
Kozminsky Symbol: A black cat sitting on an old parchment-covered book.

Pisces 29
Sabian Symbol: The scientist adjusts the tiny prism carefully and by means of the divided rays of light makes his clever analysis.
Kozminsky Symbol: A bat flying at night in an old graveyard.

Pisces 30
Sabian Symbol: Nathaniel Hawthorn's conception of the Great Stone Face has been brought to fruition in a huge mountain carving.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man trudging along a rough road, dragging a mass of heavy chains. A strong horse in a cart standing idly near.

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