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Leo Zodiac Symbols

Symbols for each degree of the zodiac

On this page we display comparatively the 360 degrees of the zodiac and two sets of Symbols associated with each degree: the Sabian Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol.

Leo Symbols

Leo 1
Sabian Symbol: A fat and normally good-natured little man of affairs is red to bursting with determination to have his own way.
Kozminsky Symbol: A king stepping from his carriage receiving a document from a group of citizens.

Leo 2
Sabian Symbol: Several children are having holiday together; an epidemic of the mumps has given them new, not unpleasant fellowship.
Kozminsky Symbol: A roll of papers having dropped from the hand of a dying scholar is eagerly caught up by an eminent professor on whose face there is a look of triumph.

Leo 3
Sabian Symbol: A woman of middle years is bobbing her hair for the first time; a look of rebellion melts to surprised anticipation.
Kozminsky Symbol: A huge human head. From the left eye emanates a ray of black vapour, from the right a ray of yellow, and from the centre of the forehead a ray of white.

Leo 4
Sabian Symbol: An elderly man in evening clothes, of poised and military bearing, stands alone before a lovely mounted moose head.
Kozminsky Symbol: An ambassador leaving the presence of a prince who is smiling significantly to his chancellor.

Leo 5
Sabian Symbol: Overhanging a vast canyon, but giving evidence of thousands of years of survival, are suggestive masses of granite.
Kozminsky Symbol: A lawyer placing a document before a client, who signs it. His eyes are bandaged.

Leo 6
Sabian Symbol: A sweet old-fashioned belle, and a pert and attractive modern flapper, stand in mutual envy of each other.
Kozminsky Symbol: A lion crouching in a jungle with a large bird of the eagle type in his mouth.

Leo 7
Sabian Symbol: The night heavens are seen in their wonder as on the desert when the moon is dark; the constellations are at play.
Kozminsky Symbol: A book, on which is a crown, resting on a golden throne.

Leo 8
Sabian Symbol: A man of mean and low appearance, but with the burning fire of a great cause in his eyes, is stirring up discontent.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly coloured butterfly.

Leo 9
Sabian Symbol: In a scene of weird display and brilliant colors glass-blowers produce one by one the marvels of their craft.
Kozminsky Symbol: A lady, elegantly dressed and bedecked with many jewels, standing before a mirror.

Leo 10
Sabian Symbol: Everywhere there is a sparkle and nature is revealed in pastel colors; the early morning dew salutes the sunlight.
Kozminsky Symbol: A soldier rescuing a wounded comrade on a field of battle-a dark, sinister figure rising behind him.

Leo 11
Sabian Symbol: Beneath a huge oak, which holds back the rising heat of noon, some children potter at their games in a great swing.
Kozminsky Symbol: A troop of old barbarian soldiers carrying off struggling women.

Leo 12
Sabian Symbol: Japanese lanterns, music from a string ensemble and an animated interweaving of colorful figures mark a garden party.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man of martial and distinguished bearing giving alms to the poor.

Leo 13
Sabian Symbol: A bit of green grass before a neatly flowered cottage by the sea supports a chair in which an old sea- captain rocks.
Kozminsky Symbol: An old oak-tree over which shines the noonday sun in a clear sky.

Leo 14
Sabian Symbol: Seen in the form of a cherub, whispering soft coaxing words into every receptive ear, a human soul seeks expression.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two men tossing coins whilst another looks on.

Leo 15
Sabian Symbol: The great American carnival, the Mardi Gras at New Orleans, is seen with a wealth of floats, decorations and merriment.
Kozminsky Symbol: A mass of black rock in the centre of which is a large diamond.

Leo 16
Sabian Symbol: The sunshine floods the sleepy village street, a storm has left everything drenched, and wondrously refreshed.
Kozminsky Symbol: A pyramid in the midst of a sand waste, with lowering black clouds about it.

Leo 17
Sabian Symbol: A volunteer church choir is seen during rehearsal, far more interested in social, than musical elements.
Kozminsky Symbol: An architect standing by a desk with the plans of a building before him.

Leo 18
Sabian Symbol: An instructor in chemistry is conducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two gold-miners seated near mining machinery examining a strange metal unknown to modern science, which they have found amongst the quartz.

Leo 19
Sabian Symbol: A clubhouse built on a floating barge is gaily decorated, and crowded with revelers; the water reflects its lights.
Kozminsky Symbol: A giant holding a number of bleeding hearts pierced on his sword.

Leo 20
Sabian Symbol: A group of prehistoric American Indians are seen in the course of an elaborate and impressive invocation to the sun.
Kozminsky Symbol: A violin and bow lying on some sheets of music.

Leo 21
Sabian Symbol: An unwitting allegory is enacted by a few chickens who have gotten at some fermented feed, and are happily intoxicated.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man in the robes of a magician tracing mystic signs on the sands of the seashore in the silence of night..

Leo 22
Sabian Symbol: A carrier pigeon comes swiftly through the early light of morning and flutters to the feet of a group of fanciers.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man carrying a bird in a golden cage.

Leo 23
Sabian Symbol: The scene is a circus-crowded with spectators, and in a moment of hush a bareback rider performs extraordinarily.
Kozminsky Symbol: A trumpet made from a ram's horn bathed in the sun's rays.

Leo 24
Sabian Symbol: A strange figure is revealed, outwardly unprepossessing, untidy, unkempt; he is a yogi of transcendent powers.
Kozminsky Symbol: An old rusty sword, over which grass is growing, outside a rustic cottage.

Leo 25
Sabian Symbol: A solitary camel crosses the desert with his rider; he is indifferent to the hazards of storm and lack of supplies.
Kozminsky Symbol: A poet reading his verses to a group of ladies in an old castle garden.

Leo 26
Sabian Symbol: A perfect rainbow forms slowly in the summer rain as the sun begins to break through the rather thin cloudbanks.
Kozminsky Symbol: Two hands clasped under a floral crown.

Leo 27
Sabian Symbol: Over at the eastern edge of night the streaks of dawn appear; gradually the mounting light wipes out the stars.
Kozminsky Symbol: A bleeding hand holding a thorny orange branch on which the fruit is growing.

Leo 28
Sabian Symbol: Innumerable little birds have settled down upon one large tree; they chirp happily to each other in endless rows.
Kozminsky Symbol: A stream of oil falling from mid-air upon the troubled waters beneath.

Leo 29
Sabian Symbol: A mermaiden has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits the -prince who will bring her immortality.
Kozminsky Symbol: A man climbing a ladder and helping others who strive behind him. At the top, a veiled figure holds out to him a wreath of stars.

Leo 30
Sabian Symbol: Into a letter is poured vital and confidential information; it is folded carefully, but the envelope is not sealed.
Kozminsky Symbol: A ship's steward carrying a bowl of enchanting white lilies.

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