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RSS Feed: Latest 50 Posts on the Forum

Now the latest 50 posts on Astrology Weekly Forum are just one click away!

Here is how:

Use the Live Bookmarks feature integrated in Mozilla Firefox. Since using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as a browser for internet navigation is a way better option from so many points of view, first you'll need to install .

Open any page of and look for the orange button that looks like this in the upper part of the screen, in the right side of the navigation bar. If you are already using Firefox for some time and have a version older than 1.5, look for this orange button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click the orange button and a dialog windows appears so that you can add the Live Bookmark. Rename it to AW Forum or any other name if you wish.

Now make sure that the bookmarks are shown under the navigation toolbar, so that you can have a quick peek at the most recent posts with just one mouse click. If it's not there just enable it from the menu: View > Toolbar.

That's it! Have fun. Here's a sample screenshot:

Live Bookmarks on Astrology Weekly