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Wedding Astrology

Auspicious wedding dates - the fine art to seize the right moment through Electional Astrology

  • Did you and your loved one decide to marry ?
  • Would you like your marriage to last for a lifetime ?
  • Do you want to give it as many chances as possible to be successful?

    Then you need an electional astrology reading for your wedding date! The astrological influences at the time of marriage do make a big difference between a successful marriage and a failure. You will surely want to benefit of an auspicious wedding date pick, fit for your own natal charts and characteristics.

    Request the personalized auspicious wedding dates and hours for the time range of your choice

    Required information:

  • the dates, times, and places of birth for the bride and the groom,
  • the date range (i.e. between July 2005 and November 2005),
  • the city where the ceremony will be performed,
  • other preferences (weekend / weekdays / hour range).

    The rule of the thumb is: bigger the time range, more chances to find a really good moment for you marriage.

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