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Astrology Readings

Astrological services offered by astrologer Dana Panduru

Astrological services offered by Dana Panduru

Dana Panduru is an experienced professional astrologer living in London. She has attended courses at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Oxford, UK and teached astrology at the Faculty of Psychology, in Timisoara, Romania. Visit her website at

Natal Astrology

Your natal chart is your real identity card in this life.

It presents graphically the planetary positions at the moment of your birth and offers information on your personality, on your attitudes and abilities, on your emotional nature, but also on your relationships, family life, career, money, hobbies, health, religious and spiritual issues.

What is a natal astrology reading?

Starting from personal details provided by the client (birth date, time of birth, place of birth), an experienced Astrologer making use of specialized software can determine astral configuration at time of birth. The configuration shows the position held by every planet at the client's time of birth. This individual map contains information about the individual's basic personality, talents, abilities, as well as weak points that represent real challenges throughout the individual's existence.

Details at . Fee: $55. Payment online by PayPal.

Karmic Astrology

This is a special kind of reading of your natal chart which focuses on the astrological elements concerning your spiritual evolution and offers valuable information on the development of your karma helping you improve your destiny and approach life from a more spiritual angle.

Details at . Fee: $55. Payment online by PayPal.

Predictive Astrology

This reading will offer you insight on the astrological influences of a specific moment or time range helping you to understand the unfolding of your life and consequently make informed decisions in every moment.

Details at . Fee: $55. Payment online by PayPal.

Relational Astrology

This reading offers insight on relationships by the study of the natal charts of two persons on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Details at . Fee: $55. Payment online by PayPal.

Relocation Astrology

If you are looking forward to travelling or relocating to another city/state/country, this reading will help you decide which one to choose. More details in this article.

Details at . Fee: $35. Payment online by PayPal.

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