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Xena and the Hordes

chapter from "Astrological Repair Manual" by Alexander M Zoltai

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Imagine! You're coming back from a visit to another star. You've been keeping up with all the news from earth on the Space Internet. You've already passed the zone where the Sun's atmosphere makes love to interplanetary space, and you're orbiting Xena, roughly 100 times more distant than the Earth is from the Sun. You realize it was discovered around Christmas of 2004. The name for this "10th planet" is still unofficial (it's been called 2003 EL61, K40506A, and 2003 UB313) but the media name does seem appropriate-a female warrior princess. You've seen some of the Horde-the thousands of other "planets" that orbit the Sun, so far out that the Sun itself is just another bright star. Xena's just a little larger than Pluto and smaller than the Earth and takes about 560 years to go once around the Sun. Others out here take a lot longer. This orbital time will gain more meaning as we get closer to home but for now the meaning of Xena's full cycle could only be useful in understanding things like the rise and fall of civilizations.

We're nowhere near the Earth, where astrology is practiced, but, out here with a female warrior princess and a horde of other bodies, we're in the space that symbolizes the deeper unconscious mind-the part of our minds that sends us dreams and answers questions we haven't thought of yet-a mind we all share and which underlies the shaping of humanity's largest social structures, deepest concepts, and most spiritual forces.

This is where astrology begins. Further out, between the stars, is the space that symbolizes "contact" with "other souls" that inhabit a purely spiritual dimension. Once inside the atmosphere of the Sun, we're dealing with aspects of ourselves that relate to life on a very solid earth, even though Xena and the Hordes are aspects of our minds that we rarely think about. When humans inhabit the space between the stars, they'll have all these deep, unconscious forces well-integrated into their daily lives. Still, there will always be more space and higher spiritual realms to integrate... In psychology (which is something that must be added to the bare bones of astrological symbolism), there's the concept of "archetypes", the energies of the psyche that motivate us but rarely enter our conscious minds. Once we've gotten in toward the Sun farther, near Uranus, we'll have a deeper appreciation of what these forces are and why it's important to give them their due, even if we don't fully understand them. These archetypal characters can change into each other and can make us do things we never "intended". Some can be felt as a Visitation, some as a huge Bother!

With the discovery of Xena (and her moon, Gabrielle), humanity is repeating, on a vaster scale, what it went through around 1781, 1846, and 1930 (the times when Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered). Each of those discoveries signaled a coming-to-conscious-potential of aspects of the unconscious that humanity had "earned" the right to use more objectively. Of course, earning the right to use and using are two different things. Xena and her Hordes present the symbol of a HUGE potential for the human race-an entering into the powers of the unconscious like no time in the past-a chance to use energies (multiple and deep) that have been, so far, little understood.

Since individuals are just barely starting to use the energies symbolized by Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in a hands-on, conscious way, it may take quite awhile for us to learn how to make Xena and her friends help us, or to know for sure how to interpret them in anyone's individual birth chart.

I won't be dwelling on the mythology of the names of the planets or, for that matter, on the escapades of Xena. What I do want to stress, though, is the fact that humans do have this unconscious realm and that the more we pay attention to it, or "woo" it, the healthier and happier we'll become. Sure, it takes effort and can lead to some fantastic struggles but life without struggle is death...

It may have entered your mind to wonder, "Why is Alex starting way out in the unknown to help me change my perception about astrology?" Well... I could have started on Earth and I could have gone even further toward an earthly approach by saying things like, "Saturn is the planet of limitation and grief.", or, "Venus is the planet of love." But, this jamming of large concepts and energies into narrow boxes is very unhealthy. I'd rather start out here with Xena and make her my friend 'cause she could change into Hercules or Pan, she could give me some secret knowledge, she could help me even when I'm not paying attention to her. Better have her on my side than ignoring her and having her blast into my consciousness and wreak havoc!

Basically, since we know so little about any of the planets beyond Pluto, about all we can hope to do with them in astrology is think of a sheath or aura around us, a non-localized group of potentials and energies that each individual can tap into IF they can manage to begin using the other planetary functions consciously.

I said in the introduction that this book is not a how-to, even though the Instructions will give you a method to interpret your own life. This book is primarily a Why-to. Why in the world (universe) should anyone be concerned with things that are hardly ever used objectively? Because the subjective, the unconscious, the dream-world, Xena and her Hordes are out there (and, in here) and they need at least a nodding acquaintance or they can cause one heap of trouble.

As we cruise into the next three chapters, you'll gain a better understanding of how to make these kinds of powers obey your "command". And even if you don't manage to do that, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that there really is more to the world (universe) than what keeps happening every day...

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