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Plasma Love

Chapter 13 from "Astrological Repair Manual" by Alexander M Zoltai

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The Sun. Our Star.

Source of Light and Life.

Mystery to this day!

Scientists are having a horrible time making sense of how the Sun works.

Astrologers miss many of the most important aspects of the cycle of this Function. Many people feel that this function is the only part of astrology. (Except, of course, for those twelve Signs of the Zodiac that are popularly given costumes and asked to play parts they've never read the script for...)

You might think that, this being the next to the last chapter of the book, I'd want to calmly summarize and draw all the other chapters' information to some grand conclusion. The thing is, I don't intend to actually "conclude" this book. I want you to enter The Instructions with Wings! I want you to soar through the Realms of Astrological Meaning!! I want you to Really Live!!!

"Calm down, Alex. These people may not realize what treasure lies at their feet. They may still think this astrology-thingie is a fancy parlor game that makes for witty conversation. They may not understand it when you throw out concepts that aren't accepted by most reasonable people."



All I can say is that this very close Star, this fantastically beautiful beacon of Purpose has me all fired up! So...

Start to get used to the idea that our solar system is not what you may have heard it was in high school. The planets may not have always been where they are right now. The Sun and its orbiting progeny may not be floating in some lonely backwater of the galaxy, like many astronomers would like you to believe.

The Sun has been said to hold the planets in orbit with its gravity. This is not capable of being true, which is born out by the latest interdisciplinary scientific studies. There are many aspects of the planets, individually and collectively, that want to tell a very different story.

For instance, the ancients talked about a "sun" but its characteristics don't match the one that gives us a tan. They do match the planet Saturn. Also, Venus was thought to have been much closer to Earth in the past and so was Mars. As a matter of fact, there was a time when people saw Venus in front of Saturn, Mars in front of Venus, Jupiter hidden behind Saturn and the whole party steadily revolving at the north pole. There was also a time when this configuration broke up, and there were shudderingly graphic "wars of the gods" in the heavens which rained debris, electromagnetic bolts, and terror on our ancestors.

"Oh, my! Poor Alex has gone off the deep end and doesn't even have a spaceship's lifeboat to crawl into. He's Sun-drunk and his little brain is melted."


I'm putting some information in the references at the end of this book that will help you find sources that confirm everything I just said. At this point, I'm going to say that this magnificent Star, our Sun, is the Center of our solar system, and it's also the Center, the Focus of any interpretation you dare make with astrology. Focusing, Centering, Life-Giving, Light-Bringing, Purpose-Revealing Sun.

One extremely important fact of astronomy that every person using it should know is that ninety-nine percent of the universe is plasma. You surely remember your solids, liquids, and gases, right? Plasma is the next state of matter, the most rarified form of substance, yet capable of organizing, moving, and creating new organizations of the other three forms of matter. Our Sun is floating in a Sea of Plasma, electrified Plasma, powerful Plasma.

If you've seen neon signs or arc-welders, you've seen small versions of the process that lights our Sun and every other of the billions upon billions of stars. The regularity of the orbits of our planetary system (as well as the previous orderings and the transitioning chaotic states) are maintained by the streams of plasma and the power contained in this almost "spiritual" form of matter. Even the weather on our Earth (as well as the weather on the other planets) is influenced and driven by the power of this all-pervasive Plasma.

It's much more the case that the planets are ordered by a form of Cosmic Love-a force that transcends mere gravity and material forces-a power and vitality that centers all our concerns.

If "Love" holds it all together, it certainly must be a Plasma Love.

And, if love is the power that binds it all together, we could say that:

Pluto is the Regeneration of Love.

Neptune is the Vision of Love.

Uranus is the Transformative Power of Love.

Saturn is the Clarity of Love.

Jupiter is the Expansiveness of Love.

Mars is the Externalizing of Love.

Venus is the Valuing of Love.

Mercury is the Perceptiveness of Love.

And, our ol' familiar Moon is the Style of Love's expression.

The Sun is the Center of it All...

To make sure this chapter goes out with a sense of the ineffable-the truth that defies rigid expression-here's a poem by Emily Dickinson:

Love reckons by itself - alone -
"As large as I" - relate the Sun
To One who never felt it blaze -
Itself is all the like it has

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