Messenger of the Gods - Astrological Repair Manual  ·  July 24, 2024, 19:27 GMT
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Messenger of the Gods

Chapter 12 from "Astrological Repair Manual" by Alexander M Zoltai

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It's getting pretty warm now, so close to the Sun. Things are heating up as far as cycles go, too. We're at Mercury, dealing with a function that may seem very cut-and-dried, but certainly is not.

Mercury: Intelligence, Concrete Thought, Perception, Communication. All these things can seem so normal that they hardly need comment. But comment I must since they're all ripe for illusion and disarray!

As I've affirmed before, none of these astrological functions stands alone; they all work together. If we use our free will to hide, subvert or bury any of them, we open the floodgates to problematic living. That being true, our intelligence and our different ways of communicating certainly shouldn't operate in a vacuum. The first function that will help Mercurys' functioning is the planet we just left-Venus. Feelings and values are the perfect complement for intelligence and communication.

Wonder why they seem to be at odds so often? Check your culture; look closely at the social environment these functions develop within. From where I'm sitting in the United States, I must admit that this country's culture has been very unkind to a smooth marriage of these two functions for far too many years. I'm sure that the situation is similar in most cultures around the world. It hasn't always been this way. I know that there were times and social situations when it was different, families and groups within which it is different, and I predict that the whole world will get it right eventually.

Since the two planets are physically close, and since their cycles are similar in duration, one could wonder deeply at the rank perversions heaped upon using them together.

To cut our feeling from our thinking is a crime. Yet one of the most valuable uses for astrology is to hold our various functions and their proper relationships up to us in a symbolic mirror. We can See what should be and, most often, find the best way to iron out persistently irritating wrinkles-those warps of function induced by family, culture
and the press of living in a world changing faster than it ever has before.

I mentioned the phenomenon of "retrogradation" before-the apparent backwards flow of a planet's function. I pointed out that I hate that word "retrograde", but I haven't come up with a suitable alternative yet... I also pointed out that, when a planet is doing "that", it's a time to focus on the function's meaning in an internal way, to ponder the depth of the function in our lives, to let the function dive into our unconscious. Then we can return with fresh energy for the journey.

Mercury does this internal journeying about every three months; it lasts for about three weeks. This Mercury Retrograde period has gotten some of the worst astrological coverage! What's been said has had a quality of "negative truth"-an inappropriate reporting of only the undesirable aspects. The real problem is that this "negative truth" is touted as the Whole truth. Just because many people suffer from erratic thinking during these periods, just because they are forgetful or can't concentrate on what they think is important-these things are no reason to blame the planet Mercury or to make a bald-faced assumption that Mercury Retrograde is somehow automatically a bad time, to be merely suffered through.

Think about this:

People are told that they have an opportunity, every three months, to use their perceptive qualities to find fresh and highly individualistic solutions to things that may have been causing some bafflement in their lives. These people believe what they're told, at least enough to give it a try. So, they schedule time during this period, time apart, to reconsider a few things, to look at things from other angles, to Let some new thinking happen.

"Naw... I really don't have the time to slow down and rethink anything. My spouse and my boss wouldn't understand. Do you have any idea how hard it is already, just trying to keep up?"

Actually, I do understand. I pity this person's inability to understand that continuing to barge ahead when their natural cycles demand internal action might be the cause of the problem.

I just love to talk to the people I've met who have Mercury Retrograde in their birth charts. They usually have a lifelong ability to do this "backward" thinking. And they just happen to be some of the most creative, original people I know!

Being this close to the Sun is starting to get to me. Its' ferociously brilliant splendor is acting like a plasma magnet. I'm being pulled toward its' awesomely prodigious, life-giving waves of light...

Come on! You don't want to miss the fun, do you?

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