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Idealism Abounds

Chapter 3 from "Astrological Repair Manual" by Alexander M Zoltai

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We've left Pluto behind and we're approaching Neptune, much larger and mostly, from our vantage point, blue gas. Neptune's full cycle around the Sun is 165 years; still too long to apply specifically to an individual's conscious choices but wonderful for gauging the dreams and visions of a generation of people. Dreams, visions, ideals, and spirituality; these are the most important of the meanings for Neptune's symbolic and cyclic influence.

Discovered in 1846, because astronomers noticed irregularities in Uranus' orbit and felt there had to be a body out here doing it, Neptune's discovery's co-incidence with events in our world shows the birth of a major religion and a general fever of what's been called millennial-madness-hordes of folks rushing around trying to be in the right spot for the Second-Coming. Most of them had their hopes dashed but history shows that something did arrive within the depths of humanity's collective mind. Something that had all to do with dreams, visions, and ideals. This was the time that humanity found its compassion and began to find ways to implement it. This was the time of the birth of Causes-for the poor, the downtrodden, the excluded. This was the time when the ages-long empires of the world, those that completely ignored the masses and used them for horrible ends, began to crumble and fade away.

If we take the half-cycle of Neptune, about 83 years, we have what today is a full life; hopefully, a life that achieved its dreams and ideals. The twelfth-cycle is 14 years and is important in seeing the subtle shift in the weave of our visions and hopes...

One of the more misunderstood aspects of Neptune's meanings is the process of dissolving associated with its symbolic action-the dissolution or evaporation of the solid ground of past beliefs or dreams. It's important to always remember that astrology deals with cycles and with cycles-within-cycles. A planet's functional and symbolic meaning happens by giving birth to energies and forces appropriate to its cycle, building them to a full state, then letting them decay and die into a rebirth. And, within any given cycle there are sub-cycles of birth, growth, decay and rebirth. Neptune's ability to dissolve the old (and this will be, hopefully, the last time I remind you that it's not the actual physical planet doing these things but the psychological powers within) prepares the way for Pluto's regenerations. We'll see this with each planet we come to-its function is necessary for the one further out (or, deeper within...). We can also look at the interrelationship of these life functions the other way around, the way we're doing it, from the deepest to the most conscious. This way, we see Pluto's deaths and purgings as necessary for the dissolving actions of Neptune's dreams and visions to take place.

When we get to Uranus, we'll have a triple of functions that most people on this Earth never bring to conscious awareness. I must say that more and more people are beginning to see these forces and energies as something they can incorporate into their personal lives but this individual use of such deep collective powers takes the ability to put the ego aside and see life from a higher or wider point of view. This altruistic attitude is a big part of what Neptune's meaning and purpose can instill into our lives.

So, we enjoy our spirituality, dreams, and ideals, until the power of Neptune's cycle manifests and we find the need to dissolve the old to be ready for it to regenerate into the new...

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