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"Astrological Repair Manual"

Understanding planets with Alexander M Zoltai

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This is a great astrology book on planets. Alexander M Zoltai shares his insight on all planets, as it results from more than 36 years of studying astrology.

The first part of the book is called the Voyage and it skillfully presents all planets in a virtual voyage through the entire solar system. All chapters are available on this site (scroll below).

The second part is the Interpretation and it presents a deep and meaningful interpretation of planets' position in signs and houses. This interpretation system is implemented in the free Astrology Chart Generator as a free astrological report offered with each generated chart.

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Chapters from this book:

The Voyage

Chapter 1: Xena and the Hordes
Chapter 2: The River of Death
Chapter 3: Idealism Abounds
Chapter 4: Venus and Her Father's Penis
Chapter 5: Transpersonal Awareness
Chapter 6: Father-Time Is All Spaced-Out
Chapter 7: Promiscuous Gods
Chapter 8: Chaos
Chapter 9: The Ancient Warrior
Chapter 10: Home Sweet Home and Lunacy
Chapter 11: Acid Love
Chapter 12: Messenger of the Gods
Chapter 13: Plasma Love
Chapter 14: Galactic Visitors