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Week 9: March 5-11, 2006

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Sabian Symbols

A new online tool has been set up at and it assists you in using the Sabian Symbols in Numerology and in Astrology or as an Oracle, as described below.

The Sabian Symbols represent an extraordinary tool and can be applied in many different ways.

Their initial purpose was to describe each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac and then be applied in astrology, in connection with the planets located at the corresponding degrees.

This is one exciting way to use the Sabian Symbols and it can be applied to any branch of astrology: natal, relational, mundane, even horary astrology.

The Symbols can be applied to any point in the zodiac. They will reveal, at times brilliantly and clearly, added layers of meaning to the degree of any of the planets, any asteroids that one might use, the angles - in fact anywhere there's a zodiacal degree. My belief is that wherever one seeks meaning, one will find meaning. (Lynda Hill)

For instance, Mercury at the moment the astrology forum was set up last year was at 1 Pisces: A CROWDED PUBLIC MARKET PLACE, and the forum is crowded indeed, with lots of interesting talks and interactions between astrology fans.

Then the Sabian Symbols may be applied in Divination, as an Oracle, just select a "random" Symbol and read it. It yields extraordinary results.

The third way to use the Symbols is in connection with Numerology: just calculate the numerological values of the letters in a name or in a phrase, sum them up and read the Sabian Symbol associated with that number. If it exceeds 360, subtract 360.

The nice folks on the astrology forum came up with awesome examples such as:

'War on Terror' = 66: 'WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL'
'Genetic Engineering' = 107: 'THE SEED GROWS INTO KNOWLEDGE AND LIFE'

The next step was to figure out that one could actually write a question in plain English, with all relevant details and read the Sabian Symbol associated with its numerological value. This is almost unbelievable, but I got extraordinary fit answers. The only trick is to write the question in full, no shortcuts or misspellings. You may even use it for horary questions, if the astrologer receives the question in writing... Isn't it cool?!

The bottom line is that it doesn't matter what system one uses to come up with a Symbol, there will always be meaning in it. And this is also a quote by Lynda Hill, who is, to my opinion, the world expert on Sabian Symbols.

Book Review

"Astrological Repair Manual"

Understanding planets with Alexander M Zoltai

This is a great astrology book on planets. Alexander M Zoltai shares his insight on all planets, as it results from more than 36 years of studying astrology.

The first part of the book is called the Voyage and it skillfully presents all planets in a virtual voyage through the entire solar system.

All chapters are available on this site (

  • Chapter 1: Xena and the Hordes
  • Chapter 2: The River of Death
  • Chapter 3: Idealism Abounds
  • Chapter 4: Venus and Her Father's Penis
  • Chapter 5: Transpersonal Awareness
  • Chapter 6: Father-Time Is All Spaced-Out
  • Chapter 7: Promiscuous Gods
  • Chapter 8: Chaos
  • Chapter 9: The Ancient Warrior
  • Chapter 10: Home Sweet Home and Lunacy
  • Chapter 11: Acid Love
  • Chapter 12: Messenger of the Gods
  • Chapter 13: Plasma Love
  • Chapter 14: Galactic Visitors

The second part is the Interpretation and it presents a deep and meaningful interpretation of planets' position in signs and houses. This interpretation system is implemented in the free Astrology Chart Generator as a free astrological report offered with each generated chart.

Feedback is most welcome!

Contact the author by email at or talk about the book on the astrology forum.

Also, you are welcome to send suggestions for the next astrology books Alex is preparing to write.

Sky Events

All times are EST +05:00. For other timezones, please apply the necessary corrections.


Sun trine Jupiter Rx - Mar 9, 8:14 am
Venus opposition Saturn Rx - Mar 11, 2:31 am
Mars square Uranus - Mar 11, 11:48 am
Sun conjunct Mercury Rx - Mar 11, 9:43 pm

The Moon is void of course this week:

Mar 5, 3:13 am - Mar 5, 9:37 am
Mar 7, 11:08 am - Mar 7, 5:37 pm
Mar 9, 3:40 pm - Mar 10, 4:41 pm
Mar 12, 10:38 pm - Mar 12, 5:23 pm


No planetary ingresses this week.

Retrograde planets

Currently in retrograde movement: Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

Mercury retrograde: March 2 - March 26.

Jupiter retrograde: March 4, - July 6.

Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006

Out of bound planets

Moon out of bounds: March 5, 3:00 am - March 10, 2:00 pm,
Mars out of bounds: March 6 - May 17.


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