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Week 8: February 26-March 5, 2006

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This week's article is written by Kathryn Cassidy, an astrologer I met recently on the Astrology Weekly Forum and who impressed me with her well written articles published on her blog located at She has much interest in studying outer planets' cycles in correlation with historical events and publishes regularly on this topic in her blog; it was her who, by means of a synchronistic event, stimulated me to produce the Planetary Cycles online tool, that is presented in the Miscellaneous section of this newsletter.

James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis is one of an all embracing, self regulating ecosystem that some may view as a single, integrated consciousness. Although he tends to stay more in the realms of the geophysical, Mr Lovelock was not the first person to postulate such an idea about planetary harmony.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, (1881-1955) also developed a general theory of evolution in which he believed humanity was headed towards the unification of the entire species into one single, interlinking group.

His position was that the biosphere is the system comprising of all living beings but we are evolving towards a Noosphere. A Noosphere was his term for a system comprising of all conscious minds a convergence of the Mind of Mankind.

"My starting point is the fundamental initial fact that each one of us is perforce linked by all the material organic and psychic strands of his being to all that surrounds him." Teilhard de Chardin

Monsieur Chardin referred to the fulfilment of this process as The Omega Point. He believed that all the major evolutionary indicators diversity, organisation and connectivity are rapidly heading towards the critical degree of complexity that is required for a new evolutionary level to emerge.

It certainly seems plausible that the present major evolutionary levels of energy, matter, life and consciousness are now ready to leap to the next step, perhaps to that of planetary or Universal Consciousness. A world where we accept that we exist as one single, unified group, indivisible from each other or any thing.

British Physicist. David Bohm suggested that the whole universe can be thought of as a kind of giant, flowing hologram, or holomovement, in which a total order is contained, in some implicit sense, in each region of space and time.

"Implicate order is a level of order not perceivable by the senses or by any physical apparatus. At this level of implicate order every part of the universe contains the whole Universe enfolded within it." David Bohm. (1917- 1992)

This is precisely what many astrologers have come to believe. Each planetary cycle is seen as being a progressive unfoldment of whatever is enfolded within it. It appears that whatever is begun at the time of planets aligning with each other will unfold in a rhythm that affects the collective unconscious of humanity (or the Mind of Mankind). The archetypes of the planets are mirrored or hologrammed through natural, cultural, social, economic and political stratas into one contiguous whole.

It is one thing to perceive and theorise about this evolutionary leap towards unity but another for it to become our paradigm the fundamental basis for all perception and thinking.

For a paradigm shift to occur this belief must build up in enough people to make the old belief obsolete. Currently we are rapidly approaching a tipping point in our awareness (known as a paradigm shift) about our connectivity with our Universe. It is my hope that sites like and and others will contribute in thrusting people towards The Omega Point.

In showing how events on Earth can be assessed by the direction and alignments of the planets, perhaps we can encourage a more holistic view in the World at large of our indivisibility between what is above and below, and what is within and without.

Kathryn Cassidy 2006

Book Review

Electional Astrology

This week's review is focused on a book I just received today. It is "Electional Astrology" by Joann Hampar, published at Llewellyn in 2005.

As the book came today, I didn't have the time to actually read the book, I only opened it at page 83 at the subject that interests me most, as it's the most frequently asked election: marriage.

The first part presents the astrological rules for marriage charts, in no particular order. Then the author passes to presenting three sample electional charts for marriage.

I must tell you I was shocked to see the first electional chart. I do electional astrology readings myself and I am well aware of how hard it is at times to elect a proper moment within the client given time frame, respecting all other additional requirements. But this is an electional astrology book and supposingly all the charts presented should be quality electional charts.

The chart is set for October 7, 2001, 6:12:31 pm EDT, Manhattan, New York.

First thing I noticed in this chart was Venus' lousy position and aspects: Venus is in Virgo, its fall sign, in the cadent 6th house and in square with the Moon. This is a really bad Venus, natural ruler of marriage.
Then Mercury is retrograde and peregrine in the 7th house, with no applying aspects, which will surely lead to communication problems within the marriage.
The Moon is waning and peregrine in Gemini which isn't helpful at all in terms of marriage's evolution.
Then Mars, 1st house ruler, is superstrong, exalted in Capricorn in the 10th house, but squaring the Sun in the 7th house, which is only likely to lead to a dominating husband, arguments and marital conflicts.
Last, the Descendant (10Lib00) is conjunct the fixed star Vindemiatrix (9Lib58), which is really bad for marriages, bringing falsity, disgrace, widowhood.

After all this, I still wonder why did the author ever consider including this chart in her electional astrology book, as an example of "good marriage chart"? I sincerely hope this was an accident, as sometimes it may happen. I'll read the entire book and analyze the sample electional charts in order to have a complete understanding of this book.

Sky Events

All times are EST +05:00. For other timezones, please apply the necessary corrections.


Mercury square Pluto - Feb 28, 9:24 am
Mars sextile Saturn - Feb 28, 1:20 pm
Mercury sextile Venus - Feb 28, 5:06 pm
Sun conjunct Uranus - Mar 1, 6:02 am
Mercury retrograde square Pluto - Mar 4, 5:20 pm

The Moon is void of course this week:

Feb 26, 11:25 pm - Feb 27, 4:55 am
Feb 28, 11:13 pm - Mar 1, 4:18 am
Mar 3, 2:42 am - Mar 3, 5:21 am
Mar 5, 3:13 am - Mar 5, 9:37 am


Venus enters in Aquarius on March 5, 3:38 am.

Retrograde planets

Mercury retrograde station on March 2, 2006, at 1:14 pm. Mercury will be retrograde until March 26.

Jupiter retrograde station on March 4, 2006, at 1:06 pm. Jupiter will be retrograde until July 6.

Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006

Out of bound planets

None this week. Mars will be out of bounds between March 6 - May 17.


Cycles of the Heaven - Planetary Cycles

A new online astrological tool has been made available at It allows a nice graphical display of planetary cycles for useful especially mundane astrology studies.

The visitor may choose any cycle of outer planets (Jupiter to Pluto) on 3 time periods of 6, 20 or 60 years (the choice of these intervals was influenced by technical restrictions for online programming). Two planetary cycles may be displayed at the same time.

The orb for major and minor dynamic aspects is displayed in the background, allowing a quick visual assessment of the periods when the planets are within orb of aspect. Aspects considered: conjunction, semisquare, square, sesquisquare and opposition.

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