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Week 7: February 19-25, 2006

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Neptune and spirituality

This week's editorial is focused on Neptune and spirituality.

Some time ago, I wrote an article on Uranus' position in signs in correlation with the main scientific developments throughout history. This time I studied Neptune's position by sign in correlation with world's main religions and spiritual movements.

The date or at least the year of founding of each spiritual movement is necessary in order to find out Neptune's position by sign, but this wasn't available in all cases. For instance, there is no known specific year for the founding of Judaism or Hinduism, two important religions.

Studying the list given at the end of this article, one will notice that there is a clear correlation of Neptune's position by sign and the main characteristics of a religion.

I particularly liked:

  • Catholic Church's correlation with Neptune in Aries - Active, aggressive missionary activity in the world, bishops dressed in red;
  • Pentecostal Church's correlation with Neptune in Gemini - This church's origin dates from when Agnes Ozman received the gift of tongues during a prayer meeting in 1901
  • Islam's correlation with Neptune in Leo - No need to comment this one, I think
  • Inquisition or satanism correlated with Neptune in Scorpio - One can easily guess why
  • International Raelian Religion correlated with Neptune in Sagittarius - Religion founded after Claude Vorilhon's encounter with the Elohim extraterrestrials. Currently Raelians support human cloning.
  • Protestant movement correlated with Neptune in Aquarius - They moved away from the constraints of tradition toward a greater emphasis of individual consciousness

Now, mind you this: there is currently no main world religion or spiritual movement founded during Neptune in Pisces, its domicile, at least from what I could figure out. The big question is: WHY ? Obviously a religion founded during a time when the natural ruler of spirituality lays in its domicile would be a good one, a religion that would really help people get close to God and to evolve.

Could it be that all these religions out there still miss something? That we might be waiting for SOMETHING to happen during next Neptune's transit through Pisces (2011-2026)?

I think that this is where astrology comes into play by increasing out awareness on the importance of the following period. It may be the time when a NEW SPIRITUAL movement will be created and this time it'll be a good one, for everyone, helping the humanity as a whole get out of its spiritual misery and finally evolve.


Here comes the list I referred to earlier. Feel free to browse the internet or check some other sources of information and help me correct, improve and expand it. Please email me with your comments or suggestions.

Neptune in Aries
Great Schism - Jul 16, 1054 - Christianity split into Catholicism and Orthodoxy, stands for the founding of the Catholic Church
Society of Jesus (Jesuits) - Sep 27, 1540
Sikhism - Oct 7, 1708
BahaŽi - 1866

Neptune in Taurus
Theosophical Society - Nov 17, 1875
Jehovah's Witnesses - Dec 13, 1884

Neptune in Gemini
Rosicrucian Order - 1407
Pentecostal Church - 1901

Neptune in Cancer
Presbyterian Church (founded by John Knox) - 1580

Neptune in Leo
Islam - 610

Neptune in Virgo
Buddha's awakening - 523 BC
Methodist Church (founded by John & Charles Wesley) - 1774
Unitarian Church (founded by Theophilus Lindley) - 1774
Baptist Church (founded by John Smyth) - 1610

Neptune in Libra
Scientology Church - Feb 18, 1954 (Dianetics, Ron Hubbard)
Peoples Temple (Jonestown) - Apr 4, 1955

Neptune in Scorpio
Inquisition - Nov 1, 1478
Osho (or Rajneeshism) - started teaching in 1960 - 1964
Church of Satan - Apr 30, 1966
Hare Krishna - Jul 1966
Sahaja Yoga - May 5, 1970

Neptune in Sagittarius
International Raelian Religion - Dec 13, 1973
Maitreya - Mar 1978
Falun Gong - May 1982

Neptune in Capricorn
Jesus Christ's teaching & crucifixion - about year 30 AD - Christianism in general
Mormonism - 1829
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - May 1988

Neptune in Aquarius
Martin Luther King - Oct 31, 1517 - Protestant movement started

Neptune in Pisces
None found !!!

DVD Review

Quantum Astrology

Science, Spirit and Our Place in the Cycles of History

With Rick Levine (cofounder of
Produced by Sacred Mysteries Productions (

This DVD movie is actually a narration by Rick Levine on the scientific basis of astrology and its relationship with quantum theories and on astrological cycles as related to history.

Rick Levine is a very good astrologer and a great teacher. He explains his vision on astrology in this DVD movie and he takes a step-by-step, a very logical approach to astrology, spiced up with abundant examples from the real life, offering a clear picture of what astrology really is.

I really like his modern view of astrology, adapted to scientific advances of the last 100 years. This is the kind of movie about astrology one could show to astrology skeptic friends.

For instance, Rick starts off by saying he would reply to someone stating that he/she doesn't believe in astrology that he doesn't believe in astrology either, that is he doesn't believe in the astrology the other person doesn't believe in.
Astronomy is about naming the stars, astrology is about the stars' meaning. Astronomy is the glove; astrology is the living hand inside the glove.

Rick Levine explains the astrological influences as having a kind of electromagnetic origin, just of an extremely low frequency, that cannot be measured by current instruments. The example used was Saturn, who performs only about three cycles per century.

Another issue brought up was the planets from the perspective of quantum particle-wave duality. The wave-particle duality is well known in modern physics and this concept is slowly infiltrating other areas of human knowledge. Are planets only particles or they may manifest as waves as well?
Our instrument in astrology is the horo-scope (horo = hour, time), just as in other areas of knowledge scientists use teles-scopes, micro-scopes and so on. These tools are "scopes", investigating devices. So, a horoscope is a tool used for studying the qualities of time.

Then, Rick takes a quite long and thorough look back to history through the lens of astrology, giving numerous examples of events in correlation with major astrological cycles, such as Saturn-Pluto cycle or Uranus-Neptune cycle.

The DVD ends alertly, with Rick offering his conclusions and prospective vision on astrology's place in our lives and within the universe, transmitting along with information also his love and excitement about this subject.

As a conclusion, this DVD is well worth to watch. Whatever your involvement in astrology, you'll love it.

P.S. About the Saturn - Pluto cycles: I've seen similar examples before in the work of a Spanish programmer and astrologer Javier Reinoso, author of a complex astrology program, named Zodiac. You may be interested in his work as well, so check out his website too:

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