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Week 6: February 12-18, 2006

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An interesting theory I came across these days are the Harmonics.

Actually it happened as my wife studied the Harmonics in relation with the wedding date for the people we know. She noticed some years ago that the harmonic chart for the year of marriage shows in most times very relevant for marriage aspects between the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars or other nice aspects involving these personal planets and also Jupiter and the North Node. In case of later failed marriages, the harmonic chart of the wedding year shows hard aspects to Venus and Mars. So, this theory allowed her to highlight harmonious marriages and also to predict the year when someone would eventually get married. For instance, she correctly predicted the year of our marriage, only using this technique... ;)

Back to the basics:

Harmonics are based on the principle of resonance or maybe on the superstring theory in physics. Harmonic charts are considered to be as the natal chart placed on another vibrational level.

As you might already know the harmonics charts technique consists in multiplying each planet's position by the year of life and the result is a new chart that has nothing to do with the initial chart (so don't try out superimposing them for instance). The newly created harmonic chart will work only for the current year.

For instance, the harmonic chart for the 1st year of life is actually the birth chart, the harmonic chart for the 2nd year of life is generated by multiplying the planet's positions by 2 and then subtracting 360 degree, if the result is bigger than 360, so that they might be displayed on the zodiac, and so on.

Easy to understand, but harder to calculate, just use an astrology program which will do the job for you.

What do Harmonic Charts mean?

Here is what says about this: "When working with harmonics, one of the difficulties one meets with lies in determining the particular significance of each harmonic, in other words, in finding out what the symbolic value of the numerical factor is. In practice, one usually reduces the numbers in question to multiples of those numbers whose interpretation is assured."

My favourite approach to Harmonics is to calculate the harmonic chart for PI (=3.1415926…). I think it gives a great insight on someone's true self, true personality, and this theory has been confirmed by many observations. PI is the number of infinity as 2*PI is the circumference of a circle, a symbol of the infinity.

I base this interpretation of the PI harmonic chart on the Sabian Symbol associated to it: Taurus 21 - "A moving finger points to significant passages in a book".

This symbol comes up when multiplying 360 by PI and then subtracting 360 until it the result is smaller then 360: 50.973336. So we read the Sabian Symbol for the 51st degree of the zodiac (Taurus 21).

But one may calculate the harmonic chart for any special number, such as PHI, for instance, the golden number (1.61803399) and use its corresponding Sabian Symbol in order to understand its meaning. In this case, the symbol reads: "An inventor performs a laboratory experiment".

Another example of using the harmonic charts in order to understand the way the numbers influence our life by synchronicity. There are many people out there telling strange stories about their lifelong encounters with numbers like 7, 11, 13, 23, 33 and so on, either for good or for bad. Just generate the corresponding harmonic chart and analyse it. There're many things to learn from them.

A great recent example is a topic on Astrology Weekly Forum named "The 11:11 Phenomenon" ( The poster (Aquarian Maverick) tells about her encounters with the number 11. Simply generating her 11th harmonic chart we get an explanation: there's a wonderful water pyramid formed of Jupiter, Neptune and Mars, connected in many ways with the other planets, that explains at least in part her sensitivity to this number.

There're many ways out there to use the Harmonics in astrology. Find the ones that fit to you.

Lecture Notes

Progressed Moon Cycles

This article is written using the notes taken during a lecture given in May 2004 by astrologer Zoltán Bártha, founder of Astrohelios astrology school in Romania (

I was pretty impressed at that time with his lecture and I'd like to share with you the exciting ideas he transmitted in his lecture.

He says that the secondary progressed Moon, in its 28 years cyclic motion around the zodiac, brings up specific issues of our destiny.

There are cycles formed of progressed Moon's aspects to the natal planets. These cycles start at each passing of the progressed Moon over a natal planet. The next stage in the cycle is the sextile with that planet, which occurs about 5 years later (for easy calculations, just approximate progressed Moon's motion of a degree in a month, so 60 degrees would be traveled in 60 months, that is 6 years). The next stage is the square, then comes the waxing trine and so on.

The conjunction represents the opening, a gift and a new start. The sextile moment represents a chance that is given to us in order to work toward the achievement of the situation that started at the conjunction. The first square represents the an exam, which put to trial if we would give up destiny's gift that we received 7.5 years ago. At the first trine of the progressed Moon to the natal planet, we receive help through synchronicity; we will meet persons willing to lend a helping hand. At the opposition, we reach the top, the planets influence comes to manifestation in our lives. And then, similarly, backwards, only from a different, more mature, more efficient perspective.

For instance, progressed Moon's passing over natal Mercury leads to our sensitization of the mental level, it represents a mind opening period, when we start to ask ourselves existential questions. Natal Mercury's aspects are also emphasized.

Progressed Moon's conjunction with natal Venus helps us understand who we really are on the relational level; it represents a time of affective, emotional maturing. If this conjunction first takes place before 10 years old, it is too early, so it basically means that the individual will have to wait until the second conjunction 28 years later, in order to become emotionally and relationally mature, that is after 30 years.
Progressed Moon's conjunction with Venus allows a deep understanding of the person we're having a relationship with, which goes beyond words. The Moon makes us sensitive, reawakens the desire to help, to serve the other person, to love.

Progressed Moon's conjunction with Saturn may make the individual aware of karmic influences, the heritage we bring with us in the present life. Sometimes it represents a difficult or painful lesson, but it always is helpful for our spiritual development.

In general, progressed Moon's conjunction with a natal planet may bring meetings of people who help us open on that level.

When someone experiences difficulties on a level, it is good to help that person remind the experiences lived during the progressed Moon's conjunction with the natal planet ruling over the respective level.

Sky Events

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Venus sextile Jupiter - Feb 14, 8:24 am
Mercury conjunct Uranus - Feb 14, 10:33 am
Sun sextile Pluto - 9:40 pm

Full Moon on: Feb 12, 11:43 pm.

The Moon is void of course this week:

Feb 13, 6:48 am - 11:13 am
Feb 15, 10:20 pm - Feb. 16, 12:08 am
Feb 18, 11:58 am - 12:11 pm


Mars enters in Gemini (hooray! it was about time...) on Feb 17, 5:43 pm.
The Sun enters in Pisces on Feb 18, 2:25 pm

Retrograde planets

Currently in retrograde: Saturn.

Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006

Next Mercury retrograde station: March 2, 2006.

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