Astrology Weekly Newsletter

Week 5: February 5-12, 2006

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Book Review

Astrological Repair Manual

Most focused and concise astrological interpretation system

I consider myself lucky to have found about this teaching. In his latest book, "Astrological Repair Manual", Alexander Zoltai presents his the basis of his astrological interpretation system, result of 27-years of experience in astrology.

Basically, this is a very concise keyword-based, planet-by-planet approach to interpreting a natal chart. What makes this system unique is the emphasis on the deep understanding of the shades of the astrological symbolism of the natal chart, overlooking the myriad of astrological techniques that make newcomers in astrology to become computer-dependent. Alexander simply states that any issue we come across during our existence has its roots and also its solution in the natal chart. Simple and complex predictive astrology techniques may eventually lead to clouding the target in astrology: the human being, as reflected in the birth chart.

His system of natal chart interpretation is therefore focused on identifying the patterns and in the same time on understanding the directions of evolution, as described in the natal chart.

His secret formula, allegedly the most important statement about astrology that he has ever written, is Function of Energy yields Activity or F(E) -> A.

Or, otherwise phrased:

My Function uses an Energy in order to do an Activity.

Functions = Planets; Energies = Signs; Activities = Houses

Further, Alexander offers a series of keywords for each planet, zodiac sign and astrological house, which may be combined according to the above formula in several ways in order to form sentences.

These are highly energetic and focused keywords that engulf deep meanings for each planet's position by sign and by house that represent both the starting point in understanding oneself and escape doorways for each issue we deal with in life.

Which of the several possible keyword sentences (max 64) for is most fit for a planet's position by sign and by house in each case, at a moment in life, is up to each one to decide. Astrology offers assistance, but gives not ready-to-go answers. Symbolism is the key, understanding it is the path, practicing it is the solution.

Online Astrology Charts

The big news this week is the creation of an online astrological tool, located at This program, which I wrote in php, is based on Swiss ephemeris and computes and displays accurately an astrology chart in the so-called French-style (planets outside the zodiac wheel). As this is only the beginning, there will be also several other chart layouts.

The generated astrology charts are not automatically deleted, but saved for future reference. This means that you will be able to show them anytime to your friends, use them in your posts on astrology forums (such as Astrology Weekly Forum) or in a blog or website. There is even a page which generates the code ready to be inserted in the posts or on websites. So, anytime when you'll need to generate an astrological chart and display it on forums, you may use this tool, with no effort. The charts never expire, so you may count on them to be always online.

The next developments of this program will allow you to select the house system, to calculate progressions and also to calculate many other astrological goodies.

The charts come with an astrological report, based on interpretations by Alexander Zoltai.

Try it out: MyChart @!

Sky Events

All times are EST +05:00. For other timezones, please apply the necessary corrections.


Mercury square Mars - on February 5, 3:09 pm EST
Sun conjunct Neptune - February 6, 12:32 am EST
Sun square Jupiter - February 6, 1:16 pm EST
Mercury sextile Pluto - February 6, 3:52 pm EST

Next Full Moon: February 12, 11:43 pm EST.

The Moon is void of course this week:

February 5, 3:59 pm - February 6, 2:32 am
February 8, 10:03 am - 11:33 am
February 10, 3:52 pm - 10:43 pm


Mercury enters in Pisces on February 8, at 8:21 pm EST.

Retrograde planets

Currently in retrograde: Saturn.

Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006

Next Mercury retrograde station: March 2, 2006.

Out of bound planets

The Moon is out of bounds Feb. 5, 10 pm - Feb. 11, 7 am EST.


Wooden Astrological Bowls

One website I visited recently offered wooden bowls with natal horoscopes incised on them.

Any horoscope can be drawn on wooden dishes using the technique of calligraphy on wood. The inscription is permanent and washable and the finish can be oiled, making these dishes suitable for food etc, or lacquered in which case they are not washable and need polishing only.

These are about 12" (305mm) in diameter and can have an individual's birth horoscope, also can reflect an occasion such as a wedding from information based on the date, time and place of the celebration or they can be composites of two people's birth charts.

The remarkable craftsman is named Duncan and the website address is

I thought this would interest the newsletter readers, as this is a marvelous example of ingenious practical insertion of astrological symbols in our day-to-day life.

International Mailing Lists

Mailing lists represent a great way for astrologers to interact, to exchange ideas and information and to learn from each other. From my personal experience, the most attractive mailing lists are those born when transiting Mercury is making positive aspects to the natal chart' planets, to natal Mercury in particular. This also applies to online forums. This might represent a selection criteria from the multitude of astrological mailing lists available.

The following international Mailing Lists for astrology (in order of birth date) are free of charge: