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Week 4: January 29 - February 4, 2006

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Editorial and Book Review

Birth Angels and Astrology

Out there, in nowadays' astrology land, there are so many theories and attempts to understand astrological influences. Modern man disputes them ad infinitum, bringing up issues of free will and destiny, in many ways

One very interesting theory I came across lately is the correlation between angels and astrology. Reading a book written by Terah Cox: "Birth Angels: Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Potential with the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life", I became aware of some of these correlations. They are particularly interesting since we all know that astrology is it is not an abstract theory, an intellectual exercise or some mathematics of the universe, but a living science, the breath of the cosmos. This is why, it is so important to be reminded that astrology should be an active connection to the higher energies and spiritual beings.

At the basic level, the universe is all objective. Think at Newton's rules for the physical world. As we advance in understanding towards more subtle levels of science, the universe becomes more and more subjective. In quantum physics, the scientist is part of the experiment. At that level, there isn't anymore a fixed reality to be measured or studied.

In astrology, as we are looking forward to reaching a more subtle level of understanding, we may find the angelic correlation to astrology quite useful.

The tradition says that there are 72 Angels or Divine Energies, in correlation with specific astrology elements such as zodiac degrees, signs, planets or units of time. These energies, emerging from the Divine, can help us greatly to overcome our limitations and extend the reach of our free will. The Angels do this by activating in us the Divine Attributes that they embody.

We often refer to these Angels as Guardian Angels, Divine Messenger, Emissaries of Light, Bestowers of Grace or Bringers of Miracles. The 72 Angels are the inhabitants of the Nine Angelic Choirs of the tree of Life. A good metaphor by Omraam Michael Aivanhov, an illuminated master of Bulgarian origin who lived in France in the 20th century, is that of a transformer: the Angels would represent an electrical device that decreases a high-voltage source (Divinity) so that it can be plugged into a low-voltage receptor (humans). Conversely, when we invoke, pray or appeal to the Divine, the Angels serve as "amplifiers" to transmit our small and finite communication to the vast and infinite Divine.

Terah Cox further explains in her book the angelic - astrological correlations, although not correctly from an astrological point of view. However, for a person initiated in astrology, the truth is quite obvious.

This is how this should be understood:

Each angel governs over a 5-degree span in the zodiac, corresponding to the time when the transiting Sun travels through that area. The Angel ruling the 5-degree zodiac area of the natal Sun is called the Incarnation Angel and has the strongest influence on our lives, especially on our physical/existential nature.

In addition, each Angel rules 5 separate degrees of the zodiac (in quintile aspect to each other). There is a different degree-Angel for that. The Angel corresponding the natal Sun is called the Heart Angel and has influence on our emotional nature.

Next, there is the Intellect Angel influencing our mental processes, intellect. This kind of Angel is associated with 20 minutes intervals of time of each day, starting at midnight. So, all 72 Angels have a correspondence with 20 minutes, 72x20=1440 minutes, which equals 24 hours. Obviously to me, the intervals starting at midnight is highly questionable, since the midnight is a conventional moment, depending on the time zone and daylight saving time. Therefore, I presume that they actually start at LMT midnight, which is the moment when the Sun is conjunct the local IC (Immum Coeli), 4th house cusp.

These three Angels, the Incarnation Angel, the Heart Angel and the Intellect Angel, represent our Birth Angels, which have most influence and connection with us. An Angel is strongest during its days and times of dominion; therefore it is especially effective to work with them during those periods. It may help us maximize particular qualities and functions in our physical/existential nature (Incarnation Days), our emotional nature (Heart Days) or our intellectual nature (Intellect Days). This way, as we become more connected/inhabited by the Angelic presences, our clarity and wholeness increase until we become reflections of the Angels themselves.

In addition to these angelic - astrological connections, there are sign & planet correlations, such as: Vehuiah is associated with Aries/Uranus, Jeliel with Aries/Saturn and so on.

As a conclusion, I think that this is a very important field of study, which can enhance greatly astrology practice, by opening a direct path from the astrological chart to the spiritual worlds.

An example: Mercury at the time of writing this article was transiting the area of the zodiac governed by the Angel Anauel, who, according to the book, establishes communication between inner and outer worlds, helps to bring wisdom and spiritual values to the individual as well as to the global community and abolishes old beliefs that divide and alienate.

The table below displays the 5-degree - Angels correlations, as well as some keywords for each Angel. The read may find detailed quality information on each Angel's qualities and influence in the mentioned book.

0° to 5° Aries - VEHUIAH - Will and New Beginnings
5° to 10° Aries - JELIEL - Love and Wisdom
10° to 15° Aries - SITAEL - Construction of the Universe/Worlds
15° to 20° Aries - ELEMIAH - Divine Power
20° to 25° Aries - MAHASIAH - Rectification
25° to 30° Aries - LELAHEL - Light of Understanding
0° to 5° Taurus - ACHAIAH - Patience
5° to 10° Taurus - CAHETEL - Divine Blessings
10° to 15° Taurus - HAZIEL - Divine Mercy and Forgiveness
15° to 20° Taurus - ALADIAH - Divine Grace
20° to 25° Taurus - LAUVIAH - Victory
25° to 30° Taurus - HAHAIAH - Refuge, Shelter
0° to 5° Gemini - YEZALEL - Fidelity, Loyalty and Allegiance
5° to 10° Gemini - MEBAHEL - Truth, Liberty and Justice
10° to 15° Gemini - HARIEL - Purification
15° to 20° Gemini - HAKAMIAH - Loyalty
20° to 25° Gemini - LAVIAH - Revelation
25° to 30° Gemini - CALIEL - Justice
0° to 5° Cancer - LEUVIAH - Expansive Intelligence/Fruition
5° to 10° Cancer - PAHALIAH - Redemption
10° to 15° Cancer - NELCHAEL - Ardent Desire to Learn
15° to 20° Cancer - YEIAYEL - Fame, Renown
20° to 25° Cancer - MELAHEL - Healing Capacity
25° to 30° Cancer - HAHEUIAH - Protection
0° to 5° Leo - NITH-HAIAH - Spiritual Wisdom and Magic
5° to 10° Leo - HAAIAH - Political Science and Ambition
10° to 15° Leo - YERATEL - Propagation of Light
15° to 20° Leo - SEHEIAH - Longevity
20° to 25° Leo - REIYEL - Liberation
25° to 30° Leo - OMAEL - Fertility, Multiplicity
0° to 5° Virgo - LECABEL - Intellectual Talent
5° to 10° Virgo - VASARIAH - Clemency and Equilibrium
10° to 15° Virgo - YEHUIAH - Subordination to Higher Order
15° to 20° Virgo - LEHAHIAH - Obedience
20° to 25° Virgo - CHEVAKIAH - Reconciliation
25° to 30° Virgo - MENADEL - Inner/Outer Work
0° to 5° Libra - ANIEL - Breaking the Circle
5° to 10° Libra - HAAMIAH - Ritual and Ceremony
10° to 15° Libra - REHAEL - Filial Submission
15° to 20° Libra - YEIAZEL - Divine Consolation and Comfort
20° to 25° Libra - HAHAHEL - Mission
25° to 30° Libra - MIKHAEL - Political Authority and Order
0° to 5° Scorpio - VEULIAH - Prosperity
5° to 10° Scorpio - YELAHIAH - Karmic Warrior
10° to 15° Scorpio - SEHALIAH - Motivation and Wilfulness
15° to 20° Scorpio - ARIEL - Perceiver and Revealer
20° to 25° Scorpio - ASALIAH - Contemplation
25° to 30° Scorpio - MIHAEL - Fertility, Fruitfulness
0° to 5° Sagittarius - VEHUEL - Elevation, Grandeur
5° to 10° Sagittarius - DANIEL - Eloquence
10° to 15° Sagittarius - HAHASIAH - Universal Medicine
15° to 20° Sagittarius - IMAMIAH - Expiation of Errors
20° to 25° Sagittarius - NANAEL - Spiritual Communication
25° to 30° Sagittarius - NITHAEL - Rejuvenation and Eternal Youth
0° to 5° Capricorn - MEBAHIAH - Intellectual Lucidity
5° to 10° Capricorn - POYEL - Fortune and Support
10° to 15° Capricorn - NEMAMIAH - Discernment
15° to 20° Capricorn - YEIALEL - Mental Force
20° to 25° Capricorn - HARAHEL - Intellectual Richness
25° to 30° Capricorn - MITZRAEL - Internal Reparation
0° to 5° Aquarius - UMABEL - Affinity and Friendship
5° to 10° Aquarius - IAH-HEL - Desire to Know
10° to 15° Aquarius - ANAUEL - Perception of Unity
15° to 20° Aquarius - MEHIEL - Vivification
20° to 25° Aquarius - DAMABIAH - Fountain of Wisdom
25° to 30° Aquarius - MANAKEL - Knowledge of Good and Evil
0° to 5° Pisces - EYAEL - Transformation to the Sublime
5° to 10° Pisces - HABUHIAH - Healing
10° to 15° Pisces - ROCHEL - Restitution
15° to 20° Pisces - JABAMIAH - Alchemy/Transformation
20° to 25° Pisces - HAIYAEL - Divine Warrior/Weaponry
25° to 30° Pisces - MUMIAH - Endings and Rebirth

Sky Events

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Mercury conjunct Neptune - Feb 1, 3:22 pm EST
Mercury square Jupiter - Feb 1, 7:29 pm EST

Next First Quarter Moon: Feb. 5, 1:28 am EST.

The Moon is void of course this week:

Jan 30, 11:00 am - Jan 30, 5:31 pm EST
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Feb 3, 1:32 pm - Feb 3, 8:30 pm EST


No planetary ingresses this week, other than Moon's.

Retrograde planets

Currently in retrograde: Venus and Saturn.

Venus retrograde: December 24, 2005 - February 3, 2006
Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006

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International Congress Agenda

9 - 20 March 2006 - 6th Balkan International Astrology Conference in Belgrade, Serbia organized by Yugoslavian Astrological Association with David Cochrane (USA), Robert Core (USA), Aleksandar Imširagic (Serbia / Montegero), Maurice Fernandez (Israel), Roy Gillet (UK), Monica Hable Dimino (USA), Antonia Langsdorf (Germany), Chris McRae (Canada), Raymond Merriman (USA), Dorothy Oja (USA), Julia Pintar (Croatia), Jane Ridder – Patric (UK), Dr. Christoph Schubert-Weller (Germany). Info: E-mail: URL:

31 March - 2 April 2006 - 33rd Spring Congress "From Mystic to Classic" organized by Astrologia Omnis and Nederlands Astrologen Congres, Soesterberg, the Netherlands with George Bode, Tom de Booij, Faye Cossar, Robert Doolaard, Karin Hamaker-Zondag, Rene Jelsma, Sjef Laenen, Menno Noordervliet, Hans Planje, Peter Toonen and George van Zanten. Info: Phone: 0031-75-6401230. E-mail: URL:

6 - 9 April 2006 - ACVA Conference at Best Western Grand Hotel, Gainesville, Florida, USA organized by The American College of Vedic Astrology with Chakrapani Ullal, Dr. Dennis Harness, Dr. David Goldstein, Nalini (Tom Hopke), Joni Patry and James Kelleher. Info: Phone: 386-418-1147 Email: URL:

8 - 9 April 2006 - 15th World Conference of Astro Economics at Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA with Arch Crawford, Tim Bost, Georgia Stathis, Grace K. Morris and other experts. Info: Phone: 815-464-8200, E-mail:, URL:

21 - 23 April 2006 - Midwest Astrology Conference (MAC) "Footprints for the Future" at Crowne Plaza Hotel at the airport (formerly Quality Inn), Cleveland OH with Robert Blaschke, Robert Corre, Monica Dimino, Ronnie Gale Dreyer, Bon Rose Fine, Pat Geisler, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen, Barbara Junceau, Brad Kochunas, Lynn Koiner, Misty Kuceris, Rick Levine, Ray Merriman, Shelley Painter, Julene Packer, Sandra-Leigh Serio. Richard Smoot, Donna Van Toen, Leigh Westin, Arlan Wise. Info: Phone: 330-652-4971, E-mail, URL:

28 - 30 April 2006 - Conference "Seeing with different eyes" on cosmology and divination, organized by the University of Kent, Canterbury, England. Speakers: Gregory Shaw (Stonehill College, Mass.), Peter Struck (University of Pennsylvania), Barbara Tedlock (State University of New York, Buffalo), Geoffrey Cornelius (Kent), Dennis Tedlock (Buffalo), Angela Voss (Kent). Info: E-mail: URL:

6 - 13 May 2006 - ISAR's "Heavens on Earth" Symposium, Tuscany, Italy. A rebirth of astrology uniting the cosmic with the mundane, a side-by-side program of The Financial Astrology of Gold, Silver, Currencies and Stocks and The Art and Soul of Astrology. With: Maureen Ambrose (USA), Christian Bornup (Denmark), Darby Costello (UK), Liz Greene (UK), Kelly Hunter (USA), Raymond Merriman (USA), Grazia Mirti (Italy), Barbara Schermer (USA), Claude Weiss (Switserland) and Manfred Zimmel (Austria). Info: URL:

26 - 29 May 2006 - 22nd annual NORWAC - The Northwest Astrological Conference in Seattle, WA, USA. Speakers: Sheila Belanger, Nick Dagan Best, Tishelle Betterman, Robert Blaschke, Agneta Borstein, Chris Brennan, Robert Corre, Rebecca Crane, Robert Diehl, Monica Dimino, Steven Forrest, John Frawley, Demetra George, Michelle Gould, Robert Hand, Jeff Jawer, Lee Lehman, Ph.D., Rick Levine, Maria Mateus, Roxana Muise, Gregory Nalbandian, Laura Nalbandian (Gerking), Diane Oggoian, Amanda Owen, David Pond, Mikel Poulsen, Philip Sedgwick, Georgia Stathis, Diana Stone, Leigh Westin and Ernst Wilhelm. Info: Phone: 206-930-7613, E-mail

10 - 11 June 2006 - X Astrologers Meeting "Gente de Astrologia-GeA 2006", Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lectures should be submitted before March 1, 2006 - see website for more details. Info: Email: URL:

14 - 17 September 2006 - OPA's 4th annual Astrologer's Retreat, Marco Island, Florida, USA. Details will follow a.s.a.p. Info: Bob Mulligan Phone: 239-261-2840 E-mail: URL:

26 - 30 October 2006 - State of the Art Conference, Ontario, Canada with Carole Devine, Dorian Gieseler-Greenbaum, Antoinette Imhoff, Maria Kay Simms, Alphee Lavoie, Joyce Levine, Donna Van Toen, and 12 more to come. Info: Email: URL:

25 - 26 November 2006 - 10th International symposium of astrology in Zuerich, Switzerland, organized by Beatrice Ganz (Switzerland), with Dr Harald Thurnher (Austria) etc. Info: Phone 41-1-4224682, Fax 41-1-4224620, Email: URL:

24 - 25 November 2007 - 11th International symposium of astrology in Zuerich, Switzerland, organized by Beatrice Ganz (Switzerland), with Dr Harald Thurnher (Austria) etc. Info: Phone 41-1-4224682, Fax 41-1-4224620, Email: URL:

22 - 23 November 2008 - 12th International symposium of astrology in Zuerich, Switzerland, organized by Beatrice Ganz (Switzerland), with Dr Harald Thurnher (Austria) etc. Info: Phone 41-1-4224682, Fax 41-1-4224620, Email: URL:

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