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Week 3: January 22-28, 2006

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This week's editorial is written by Lapis, long-term wandering Light worker, astrologer and much appreciated active member of the Astrology Weekly Forum.

She addresses in this article some issues raised in last week's editorial.

Natal Charts & Past Lives

by Lapis, guest writer

"Over the past few days I've been mentally running through a list of possible topics to write an Article about here. I was getting nowhere fast. So finally last night (Jan.14, 06) I got smart, moved down a bit to my heart, and asked (some would say intended or prayed) that I receive whatever it is that would benefit the most people at this moment as far as a topic goes. Only a couple of hours later this is what manifested first.

In Radu's latest Editorial from the Astrology Weekly Newsletter Jan. 15-21, 2006 he asks, "Are we the person defined in our natal horoscope? Is that all a human being is all about?" And, "We are mentally confined to a single life perspective, but our soul, our deeper self knows much more than that."

Only hours later I get my answer to last nights heart call for assistance and guidance! Another great question is....Who (from higher levels) helped Radu reconnect with speaking a foreign language, most probably a past life one for him, while asleep? Who made sure he had a physical witness in his wife being awake then to hear him? That I would read his Editorial first thing this morning? This is exactly how multidimensional reality works through and with each of us. Such complex multi-leveled interconnections and grand Creativity, that linear thinking simply can't perceive or contain it.

I'm the first to admit that I'm not a gifted 'technical' astrologer and never will be. However astrology has been a part of my life for over 40 years, and will always be. I am however fairly gifted at perceiving knowledge and other realities beyond this physical one. I've also remembered some past lives since age 5, and more as an adult. This, in combination with other insights I've had over the years, and this timely push from Unseen guidance through Radu, leads me to share this.

Indeed "we" are the person defined in our natal, lets define we. From what I understand, we or you and me, the aspects that have splintered off from our Higher Selves to incarnate, are exactly that. Aspects. These aspects as I'll call them, are what we perceive and refer to as 'us' or 'you' and 'me' in these lives, these incarnations. Our natal charts are the physical maps of what's not only possible for each of us through these unique incarnations, but indicators of all the things our Higher Selves desires 'us' to work on, develop, and integrate in this particular incarnation in three dimensional reality and time. Through 'us', you and me, our Higher Selves has It's Multidimensional Agenda's and 'we' go out and attempt to accomplish these many individual agenda's. In 3D physicality these agenda's are represented by our individual, custom designed, natal horoscopes.

Because I've remembered different so-called 'past' lives, plus been involved with astrology, I've gazed long and hard at my natal chart looking for any tell-tale indications of these remembered past lives. In all honesty I don't see a one of them there. This brings us back to the issue of our natal horoscope as a single current representative of this single current incarnation. I think it is exactly that! I've learned that combing through our natal charts searching for clues to any of our past lives, using linear thinking, isn't going to get us the results we're after.

Envision a very large perfect diamond floating is the black of space. This diamond represents your Higher Self, let's say. Now look at all of the perfect facets on this huge perfect diamond. These facets represent all of the different incarnations that You are having. Now, look at all the razor fine lines, edges, that connect all of these facets to one another like an almost invisible honeycomb of light. Think of these fine lines or edges between the facets as energetic pathways like nerves that keep all connected to all the rest of the All within just your multidimensional Self! These lines between facets (incarnations) on the diamond (Higher Self) are the links connecting all the multiple levels of you with all the other you's throughout time and space, and far beyond.

Back to our current natal charts, our spiritual blueprints, our cosmic homework assignment for this incarnation. I feel there are certain planets that make it easier to increase our vibratory rates/consciousness to the level where we can perceive many of our other past/future lives and selves. Namely, all the planets and planetoids etc., from Saturn on out - Chiron, Uranus, Pholus, Neptune, Nessus and Pluto. Outer planetary energies and newly discovered assistants in the form of the Centaurs that fine tune and expand our awareness, our consciousness, out beyond our ego, linear awareness only, selves. Back to multidimensional awareness where we naturally resonate at multiple higher frequencies also. Never forget that we are multidimensional beings.

I do feel that the North and South Nodes are strong indicators of areas, energies, consciousness we've already perfected in other past lives - the South Node. The North Node is a heavy indicator of areas, energies, and consciousness that our Higher Self would like us to do a lot more work with. Actually, the whole natal chart may just be showing us the areas that "we" don't need to deal with, here and now, because other aspects of us are doing so in those lives. What is present in our natal horoscopes, is what we are supposed to be dealing with in this live.

Once we've done enough prep work through different incarnations, truly integrating the archetypal lessons and energies of the Inner Planets, we're ready to begin a much more direct and conscious interaction with the Outer Planets and beyond. Why? Because we've already prepared energetically, and won't be harmed by encountering these higher planetary frequencies directly. With this more direct connection and interaction with the Outer Planets, we're learning how to deal with more of, not only Ourselves in the form of remembered past/future lives, but also larger chunks of consciousness, larger realities, and different dimensions at the same time.

So we come back to Radu's insight. "We are mentally confined to a single life perspective, but our soul, our deeper self knows much more than that." How true this is, until we pass the Initiations of the Inner Planets, and begin to integrate with the energies of the Outer Planets where, like I said, the fine line between self and greater self and Higher Self starts of openly reconnect from 'our' perspective. From our Higher Self's perspective there never was any separation between any aspect of Us at all. Ever!"

Faculty Review

This week's review is written by Dana Panduru, Romanian astrologer, and represents a short narration of her experience at last year's Summer School at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.

Dana is marvelous person, a very good intuitive astrologer who places a great emphasis on psychological and spiritual issues in astrology.

A week at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London

by Dana Panduru, guest writer

The Faculty's annual Summer School is one of the international astrological events that take place in August each year in an atmosphere of inspiration and fun which involves most of the astrologers gathered all here whether they are just at the beginner level or a professional one.

It was a great experience for a Romanian astrologer whose interests are most at the relational level in an effort to expand an astrology knowledge acquired under East-European conditionings, discovering so many great possibilities to connect, finding new opportunities of building an astrology network around the world.

The weekend courses presented many ways of working with the personal birth chart.

For any astrologer, the summer school is a great opportunity to mix with like-minded people especially that we had to face so many challenges and so many options regarding the variety of astrology courses in such splendid surroundings.

Oxford, the City of Dreaming Spires adds a hint of mystery and revelation to the event which is to the benefit of us all, both tutors and students alike.

This magical journey contained another surprise due to the fact that we were also delighted to have two additional events - a guided tour of Avebury stone circle led by Robin Heath and a workshop on how to make and use an astrolabe with Bernadette Brady - which completed the wonderful experience of Summer School.

I would like to commend the Faculty on its excellence in enhancing the study of Astrology and its study and training programs which sets unique standards in this field worldwide. I was delighted to have met so many students from around the world and indeed the tutors who made the marathon study and practical sessions at the Summer School so lively and interactive.

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Venus Rx trine Mars - January 23, 5:21 am EST
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Next New Moon: January 29, at 9:14 am EST.

The Moon is void of course this week:

22 Jan 2006, 3:52 am - 22 Jan 2006, 5:28 am EST
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Mercury enters in Aquarius on January 22, at 3:41 pm EST.

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The 6th Balkan Astrology Conference - Belgrade, Serbia

March 9th – 20th, 2006

The Balkan International Astrology Conference this year will be organized at Belgrade and considering the number of participants this will be the biggest Conference of this type organized here and considering its rich program this will be one of the longest Conferences in Europe, even in the world. On the other hand this year we have decided to present the world famous astrologers who haven't held conference lectures in Belgrade.

Among those lecturers we will have presidents of three astrological organizations that are the most acknowledged in the world nowadays. They are:

  • Raymond Marriman - the president of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)
  • Roy Gillett - the president of Astrological Association of Great Britain
  • Dr. Christoph Schubert - Weller - the president of the German Astrological Federation (Deutscher Astrologen Verband)

The Conference will be organized in two parts in two weeks. The opening ceremony will be on Thursday 9th March 18:30hrs at the "Putnik" Hotel (New Belgrade area). The first part of lectures begin on Friday 10th March 17:30hrs and will last throughout Saturday and Sunday (11 and 12 March) with beginning 10:00hrs. The second part of the conference will be held the following weekend with the completely new assembly of lecturers and will last throughout Saturday and Sunday (18 and 19 March) with the beginning 10:00hrs. It will symbolically end on Monday the 20th of March on the International Day of Astrology with the begging at 18:00hrs. The moment (19:27hrs) the Sun will enter the Aries will symbolically celebrate as the beginning of the Tropical Zodiac and International Day of Astrology. On the same occasion the ISAR certificates in Astrological Ethic will be awarded and the rewards for the best students of the Astrological Institute Johannes Kepler. Following that the Astrological Lottery will be organized as the best way to begin the Astrological New Year.

There is a choice for all the participants of the conference:

1. To attend the whole conference (both weekends)
2. To attend just one part of the conference (first or the second weekend)

Enjoy and see you soon!!

Aleksandar Imsiragic', president of YAA

Conference Program and other details

Visit the official conference website:

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