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March 26 - April 1, 2006

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Romania: history, spirituality, astrology

Yesterday, Mercury turned direct at 13Pis10, in tight conjunction with the natal Moon from Romania's chart (13Pis47), which inspired me to write in this week's newsletter about Romania, my country.

From an astrologer's perspective the modern state of Romania was born on Feb.5 1859 (Jan. 24 1859 JC, Old Style) in Bucharest when two Romanian principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia united by popular vote, electing the same ruler.

The exact time was determined to be 2:38 pm LMT by astrologer Armand Constantinescu, who lived in the first half of the 20th century and had access to original documents. Using historical events, I further rectified this time to 2:39:02 pm LMT. The time given by Nicholas Campion in his Book of World Horoscopes (6:25 pm) is wrong.



The roots of the Romanian people go very far away into the history.

To have an idea, it will be enough to mention that the earliest known modern human fossil found in Europe, dated 34,000-36,000 years ago, was found in Romania (read more: and that the most ancient writing in the world is represented by the clay tablets discovered at Tartaria, Romania, radiocarbon-dated 5370-5140 BC (read more:

Basically, the nowadays Romanian people was formed and lived in Eastern Europe from the beginning of the human civilization in Europe, within an area surrounding the Carpathian Mountains, larger than the current territory of Romania, resisting assimilation from various other warrior peoples who came along throughout history (in chronological order, Persians, Romans, various migrating peoples, Hungarians, Turks, Polish, Russians).

As a matter of fact, the Romanian people holds a record in the world as one of the few peoples that didn't go out to conquer other peoples' lands, all wars being defensive.

Cancer rising with Ascendant ruler, the Moon, in Pisces stands for the non-violent, peaceful, defensive character of Romanians. The Sabian Symbol for the Sun tells the same: "A watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions".


The Romanian people is deeply religious, currently about 87% of the population being Orthodox Christians.

Spirituality has played an important role in the life of the inhabitants (known as Thracians, Getae or Dacians) living in this area, since early times. Many ancient authors talk about Zalmoxis, a man of remarkable learning, who taught the Thracians many sciences and spiritual laws for living, became their king and later was divinised.

The spiritual teachings brought by Zalmoxis consisted in:

  • immortality of the soul after death
  • moral laws for living
  • different natural healing methods
  • abstention of eating any living thing, not even vegetables (some lived only with honey , milk and cheese)
  • interconnection between the soul and the body, one cannot heal the body without taking care to heal the soul
  • astrology (planets' movement, the 12 zodiacal signs, Moon's cycle, eclipses, 346 fixed stars)

There isn't much information left on the Zalmoxis and the Thracians in general, but this seems to be a highly spiritual religion. Readers may remember the article on Neptune's position in signs and religions published in a previous issue of this newsletter ( In Romania's natal chart Neptune is in its domicile, in Pisces, a strong argument for a high spirituality.

Zalmoxis' name was translated as "divine old man", which corresponds in astrology with Saturn.

One ancient author, Diodorus of Sicily, affirmed that Zalmoxis received the spiritual laws from the goddess Hestia (=Vesta), in the same way Moses received the laws from Jehovah.

The current astrological chart for Romania supports this theory; it actually shows a very tight aspect between Saturn (08Leo17) and asteroid Vesta (08Aqu09).

Also, ancient historians affirm that Zalmoxis spent 3 years in a cave, without any contact with the outer world, and then when he came out, he was regarded by as a god. The same astrological Saturn-Vesta aspect explains this situation as well, because Vesta rules small, confined places (source).

Predictions on the future

Most famous Indian convert to Christianity, Sundar Singh, after visiting Romania in 1922, made an astounding prophecy about the spiritual future of Romania. He said that this country will play the central role in the world in the upcoming spiritual revolution.

Read more about him and the full text of the prophecy here:

Of this 1922 prophecy, only this part has been fulfilled: "In Romania a channel to join the Black Sea with the Danube will be built, which will function normally, and also another channel which will join the Danube with the great reconstructed city of Bucharest".

It is also worth mentioning that during Ceausescu's Communist regime a huge building was erected, the second biggest in the world after the Pentagon (which actually is a complex of buildings disposed in 5 rings). This building, known as the House of the People, is located on the Uranus hill in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and has a striking resemblance with the palace of Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, in Lhasa, only it's much bigger. To this day, it is not known why this enormous construction was built this way.


Astrologically there're several things one might want to observe:

The most important total solar eclipses of the 20th century are linked to Romania.

1962 Total Solar Eclipse

The amazing total solar eclipse of February 5, 1962 displays an enormous charge of planets in Aquarius (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, ALL 7 traditional planets), with Uranus, Aquarius ruler, conjunct with Regulus, the most powerful fixed star in heaven.


Samael Aun Weor, the founder of the Gnostic movement, tells us that the Age of Aquarius began on February 4, 1962. See here: Based on my observations, I believe that too.

Note that the maximum visibility zone for this eclipse is somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, not above an important country to be highlighted, pointing out that this event is meant for all the world, not for some people in particular.

This total solar eclipse at 15Aqu42 was tightly conjunct Romania's natal Sun at 16Aqu15, involving Romania in this Age of Aquarius thing.

In the 1962 eclipse chart, Chiron is located at 05Pis01. As you know, Chiron is a small but important planet associated with spirituality. An amazing observation is that the first Chiron return will occur throughout 2011-2012, several times, setting a link between the 1962 total solar eclipse and the 2012 phenomena.

Another interesting observation suggests that Romania has a mission in the upcoming Age of Aquarius: the North Node on December 21, 2012 (at 25Sco36) will be exactly conjunct the Ascendant of the 1962 total solar eclipse chart set for Bucharest, Romania. The North Node represents one's mission.

1999 Total Solar Eclipse

The most dramatic total solar eclipse of the 20th century was the one of August, 11, 1999, involving a T cross with the malefics in fixed signs.

This eclipse chart is also tightly related with Romania, as the eclipse (18Leo21) was in opposition with Romania's natal Sun (16Aqu15), and the maximum visibility centre was located on Romania's territory.

This eclipse set the path for upcoming tragic events, to be expected until humankind will reach the next stage.


What else it is left to say on this subject? I know that there's so much to learn on this subject, so much to clarify, but everything will come at its time.

God's words from Revelation 21:6 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely."

You may want to read "fountain of the water of life" as Aquarius…

Book Review

The book presented this week focuses on Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006:

Evaluating the Total Solar Eclipse

Astrology book by Kathryn Cassidy

Would you like to know what the Eclipse of March 29th, 2006 heralds for the World?

If you want an interesting read, download Kathryn Cassidy's latest astrology book "EVALUATING THE TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE"

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Solar Eclipse March 29, 2006

Inside you will find the following:

  1. An overview of Eclipses.
  2. A short history of Astrology.
  3. How to judge the effects of an Eclipse using techniques handed down by Ptolemy, William Lilly, Raphael and other traditional and modern astrologers.
  4. Learn where, when and how Eclipses manifest their effects.
  5. View Astrocartography maps to locate the areas of influence of the Eclipse.
  6. Read what has happened in the World after previous Eclipses.
  7. Find out what this Eclipse portends.
  8. Discover how the Eclipse may impact you.
Whether you are a professional astrologer or a complete novice, this book is for you.
Here's a preview:

On page 12
The Sun manages to be on these points twice in a year and when a New Moon occurs exactly on the nodal line and the Moon has little or no latitude, then a total Solar Eclipse will occur. This can be seen diagrammatically here:

Total Solar Eclipse March 29 2006

As we noted earlier, just small sunspots and phenomena altering the light and affecting the magnetic field of the Sun can have consequences on Earth. Since time immemorial astrologers have attempted to delineate what correlations exist on Earth when the entire light of the Sun is prevented from reaching great swathes of it.

It is to this task of judging the terrestrial effects of the celestial Total Solar Eclipse that we shall turn our attention to next.

Total Solar Eclipse

And on page 15
In his treatise on the effect of eclipses, William Lily elucidates on how the effects may be judged and what events may be expected from them. He writes………..

'To Know what kingdom or City the effects shall belong':

"In every great Eclipse of the Sun and Moon you must observe the place in the zodiac, that is in which of the twelve signs the defect is in and consider the Kingdoms, cities or countries subject unto that sign, according to their several distributions… You are also to take notice of the midheaven, viz., or sign culminating of the King or Principle Govenor of the Kingdom , Metropolitan City or country or if at his birth either of the lights were near the degree eclipsed…….. if you have the Ascendant of a city, town or corporation .. or any new or old inception.. the greater the eclipse is and by how much more near to an Angle the Eclipse falls, the more strong and forcible the Effects demonstrate themselves….."

So this seems like quite sound astrological wisdom. We must observe which place in the Zodiac the eclipse, which he calls a defect, falls.

Using the forthcoming Total Solar Eclipse of Mar 29th, 2006 as an example, the answer is 8 degrees of Aries i.e., eight degrees of celestial longitude along the ecliptic from the First Point of Aries

He then asks us to 'consider the Cities and countries subject to that sign'...

Kathryn Cassidy

Please download in order to read on.

Total Solar Eclipse

You may also read more of my work at

Thank you and very best wishes,
Kathryn Cassidy

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Venus conjunct Neptune - March 26, 2006
Venus trine Mars - March 27, 2006

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Currently in retrograde movement: Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter retrograde: March 4, - July 6.

Saturn retrograde: November 22, 2005 - April 5, 2006


Interview with Richard Tarnas

Richard Tarnas is the founding director of the graduate program in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

In his latest book "Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View" he gives a body of evidence that points towards a profound new understanding of the human role in the cosmos.

Download last week's interview aired on KQED Public Radio. (52 min, 24 MB, mp3 format)

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