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October 22-29, 2006

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Why do we need astrology?

For some people, knowing and following their path is an easy thing to do and it comes naturally, while for others this can be a very difficult task as they get distracted by so many routines and as a result they may become very unhappy with themselves after a while, wishing to take a brake from this crazy world, trying to discover something meaningful that may add some sense to their mechanical life...

If you can find yourself under this category, you must know that astrology can always bring some light and insight into your life, making you aware of who you really are and what you can do to improve your life, but also helping you to find out if you've chosen the right path and most of all, it will keep you away from any disappointment...

I've known people that are very happy with themselves but still wanting others to approve what they are doing. They feel that there's a bit of mystery in anything one does in life, but the balance in life is fragile and if one doesn't pay attention it is very easy to be lead astray. At this point they are desperately looking for the astrology truth, as they want to keep that special spark into their life, not wanting to ruin any of their chances in life…
It all looks so complicated at first sight but actually it becomes very simple when you unfold the so-called astrology truth before their eyes.

The testimony of astrology is so powerful that it sends shivers up the spine. Soon after the first contact with the astrology, it becomes not only a way of life, but also a mission, as once one has discovered the benefits of becoming aware of what's happening into one's life and the keys to the future, one cannot keep this truth just for oneself but start spreading around astrological meanings for everyone else to benefit.

This is my invitation is for all of you who are taking astrology seriously: dare and ask for your share of truth and acknowledgement of what is most important in your life: the essence of human spirit!

Article by Dana Panduru.

Dana Panduru is an experienced professional astrologer living in London. She has attended courses at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in Oxford, UK and teached astrology at the Faculty of Psychology, in Timisoara, Romania. Visit her website at

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Forum discussion

How does astrology work?

An interesting discussion (among so many others!) took place recently on the forum. It deals with the fundamental question on how astrology works and on its scientific basis. I think it makes an interesting read to know how different people view the same subject and I gathered below the core of the opinions expressed.

The challenge:


Astrology claims that the planets and moons of our solar system, and our star (the sun) and maybe some other stars as well influence human personality. I don't understand this. How can inanimate objects, heaps of matter, influence whether a person becomes for example shy or outgoing? How does that work?

Why is astrology a science, if it's beyond logic?

The rhetoric


How can astrology possible be valid? How do space rocks possibly affect human affairs? I couldn't answer myself at the time and still can't. What I found in astrology, however, was a poorly represented and widely misunderstood science. I've seen enough in my own chart and others' to come to the conclusion that beyond any reasonable doubt, astrology is a powerful force. How it works is beyond me, but you can get a testament to its validity by asking those who practice it.

The answers


These "space rocks" are actually conscious beings. Conscious beings create energetic fields of intention, and interact with each other...the whole universe is conscious...and works in harmony.


If you can shift your perspective to a less mechanistic or hydraulic view, it becomes easier to see what "As above, so below..." signifies.

People's lives and mundane happenings on Earth are synchronized with the movement of celestial bodies. They have something vital in common and therefore run at the same pace.

How exactly it all got synchronized this way, what force or forces are responsible for it and what keeps it running so damned precisely, down to the last technical and esoteric detail remains, to my mind, a beautiful and profound mystery. But like all such beautiful and profound mysteries, if I can utilize it and come to even the beginnings of an understanding of it, I'm fulfilled.

Dane Rudhyar, quoted by a user:

The present-day astrologer's concern about "raising" astrology to the acceptable level of a "science" by means of statistics and other analytical tools worshiped in our official "factories of knowledge" (universities) will not produce a more constructive approach to the problems faced by the astrological consultant in relation to clients. It is more likely to make such a relationship less effectual because, in order to be really effectual, it must be a relationship of person to person-and science does not deal with individual cases, but with statistical averages. Science does not deal with human values, but a person comes to an astrological consultant asking for help. He always unconsciously asks for help even if he is consciously motivated by curiosity. He comes for help with his sense of unique individual selfhood, even if his stated problem seems a common one; and it is with this sense of self that the consultant must deal. For we are all our own most basic problem; and astrology should help us meet it objectively and serenely.

Stephen Arroyo, quoted by a user:

One objection to astrology that is often heard from "scientists" who actually do not want to consider it remotely possible that astrology could be valid in any way is the idea that those who practice astrology cannot show any "cause and effect mechanism'' whereby the planets could exert any "influence."

Apart from the question of whether astrology should be considered only within a limited causal framework, the best refutation to this attempt to dismiss astrology is to explain that, as Dr. Jacob Zighelboim, M.D., Associate Professor at the UCLA School of Medicine stated in a lecture I recently attended throughout the history of science "the hardest thing to define is mechanism." All sorts of workable scientific principles and techniques and many kinds of medicines are employed routinely throughout the world without there being any understanding of how they work.

This skepticism and antagonism toward astrology is just a somewhat more forceful expression of the hostility that materialistic science and its short-sighted proponents and worshipers heap upon many branches of spiritual tradition, healing arts, philosophy, and the more ancient forms of psychology and personal guidance. Unfortunately, this unimaginative, narrow approach to human potential and to the central traditions of human thought has for some time dominated the major power centres of Western society, including the academic world which has the ethical obligation to preserve and study intellectual and cultural traditions and to emphasize the open-minded search for truth.


We are all part of nature, humans, ants and space rocks alike. All are part of one giant system. The planets are merely a symbolic reflection of life on Earth. They do not have any influence over us except possibly the Moon by its close proximity. They do not compel nor do they impel they just reflect. This is the building block of astrological practice.


Resonant theory is the Holy Grail for astrologers because there is no astrological doctrine in classical or modern astrology, which cannot be explained by it.

It also explains why we attract certain events, or people, to us who reflect the state of our consciousness. Thus, when we are angry we are more likely to attract the violence or car accident, which we are resonating with. More positively, it is the explanation for miraculous events in that we 'entrain' ourselves to good unfolding when our thoughts are constantly kept at the higher vibration or frequency, of love and happy outcomes.

Each planet and star in the Cosmos possesses its own vibratory frequency. Every object and every word spoken also has its own signature vibratory frequency, as does every living thing. Mars vibrates to a frequency similar to the number 16 -which in turn vibrates to the colour of crimson; which vibrates to Iron; which vibrates to the gem Ruby; which vibrates to the musical tone C Major, which vibrates to the flower hollyhock etc., etc. This is the basis of the astrological principle of correspondence, based on resonance.

I believe that vibrations will one day prove to be the invisible threads, which weave the fabric of life together. Resonant Theory explains many terrestrial phenomena including why astrology should not be dismissed as ' for entertainment value only'. More details in Dr. Percy Seymour's book, "The Scientific Basis of Astrology".

My reply (Radu):

There are 4 fundamental forces in the Universe as stated by modern physics - electromagnetism, gravitation, weak and strong nuclear forces. Astrology isn't explained by any of them. So allegedly astrology cannot be true. Unless there are some other forces at work.

To date, the human mind's functioning is the most misunderstood of all fields of knowledge. To me this is natural; you cannot fully understand a system unless you are able to see it from all sides, to see all parts of it. Can you do that with the human mind? We, with our minds, try to understand the human mind. It's like an observer enclosed in a box trying to understand all about the box. He can't do it. He needs to get out of the box for that. Impossible to do that with the human mind. So, using science,a 100% intellectual approach, one will never understand the truth on the human mind.

Unless... you switch perspective. You go for spiritual values, for a spiritual perspective. Are spiritual, cultural values scientific? Nobody claims that. These are well beyond science.

Astrology obviously has a direct effect on the human mind, on the emotions, on the subconscious, on the spiritual side of people AND of the Universe.

A scientific approach to any subject requires the use of appropriate methods and tools in order to measure the characteristics of an object, energy, condition. Would one use a thermometer in order to determine the dimensions of an object? Obviously not.

This is why we need to go beyond materialistic science to understand astrology.

Sky Events

Astrology and spirituality

Recommended action +/- 15 minutes around the exact moment: a 1/2 hour meditation or at least a short break from other activities in order to become conscious of the positive, spiritual aspects of the ongoing astrological aspects. All times are GMT (Universal Time). Please adjust the hour to fit your timezone.

October 22, 2006, 03:20 pm GMT
Mercury conjunct Jupiter
This aspect is beneficial to all yearning for the Truth, offering access to the higher knowledge of The Universe, as it enhances deep mental understanding (both at the intellectual and intuitive level), it emphasises the aspiration toward spiritual knowledge. It represents a magic moment for being revealed the spiritual truth, transcending all mental limitations and blockages. This moment eases telepathic communication with nature's spirits, highly spiritual beings and also other people.

October 23, 2006, 06:46 am GMT
Sun conjunct Mars
This aspect energizes the spirit, awakens and enhances a harmonious energetic state of dynamism, will, courage and readiness to act for the good. This influence supports us to reach success in our positive actions, intensifies inner spiritual purification by activating the solar plexus.

October 25, 2006, 06:10 am GMT
Venus conjunct Mars
This aspect intensifies and refines the passions and erotic feelings, by transcending states of attachment to the other and addiction to inferior pleasures. It enhances the creative forces of the being, the joy and the spontaneity, the harmonious integration into society.
This moment represents a favourable time to create and maintain harmonious couple relationships, as it energizes feelings and affectivity and refines the will and the desires, enhancing the spiritual erotic states and the inner happiness without object.

October 27, 2006, 05:49 pm GMT
Sun conjunct Venus
This aspect opens hearts, enhances emotional opening, awakens generosity and eases reaching wonderful states of love, good will and compassion. It also increases sociability, personal charisma and creativity, transcending prejudices.

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