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August 29, 2006

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Hi, everyone!

There has been a while since I last sent out this newsletter. Many changes took place in my life in correlation with my first Saturn return, which i just experienced. And it wasn't bad as people say. I'll probably want another one some time soon.

My family grew with one member blessed by the Heavens with a powerful water trine formed of Uranus, Jupiter and Venus, as well as a Mercury-Uranus trine, so I would expect him to continue the family tradition in stargazing.

As for the website, except for about 9 new articles, during August, it has been added new interesting features such as:

Astrologers Live Chat

We hold weekly online meetings on Live Chat. There already have been three successful online meetings and it's both fun and interesting.

The chat sessions are scheduled 3 hours before each 6th harmonic Moon-Mercury aspect (conjunction, sextile, trine, opposition), that is about every 6 days, at different hours in order to accomodate people from all parts of the world. The next one will take place on September 3rd at 10:30 am Universal Time (GMT).

RSS Feed for articles

The RSS feed represents an modern, alternative means of accessing the headlines of articles published on, without having to access the website. More info, here.

Current Astrological Chart

The astrological chart for the current moment and your location are at just one click away, here. You don't even have to enter your location, as it is determined automatically based on your computer's IP address, a unique identifier of any computer on the internet.

Further developments

What would you like to see developed on this website?. There is an open online poll with 10 options here. Please vote.

Many people manifested interest in online interactive astrology classes and/or beginners astrology tutorials. This is a great idea, but there is a shortage of teachers/lecturers. Should you like to share of your astrological knowledge, please contact me to discuss details.

Astrology research could represent another path: we could set up an online version of a project similar to this one: Love at first sight. If you have some ideas or would like to contribute, please post them on this thread or send them by email.

Recommended website

Many of you already know about Allen Edwall's excellent astrology software available for free at If not, it is worth checking out as his programs offer a variety of calculations useful to astrologers. I admire Allen Edwall for his talent, dedication and work on these programs offered as freeware to everyone.

For instance, I am particulary interested in the Dual Cosmodynes theory and its application in human relationships: Match-Making Database using Dual Cosmodynes. So, anyone looking for a new date and willing to give astrology a try, you could sign up to this database.


Advertising your astrological services is a popular astrology website established in October 2004, with about 4000 daily visitors, viewing on the average 10 pages each. Most visitors come from the USA and Canada.

If you are offering quality astrological services or products or from other closely related fields, and should you wish so, you are most welcome to advertise here.

I consider that it is in the best interest of this website's visitors to be offered good quality advertising and I prefer one-to-one advertising to the current form, ads served by Adsense, of which I have no control.

Whether you prefer banners of different sizes (468x60, 160x600 or 300x250), links or some form of exclusive or shared online advertising, we can surely find a way to accomodate your preferences.

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Your turn!

If you are an astrologer, you are invited to contribute with interesting articles. In exchange, your astrological services will be presented here.

If you want to have a review of your book or DVD, please send a sample. Contact me by email for details.

If you are aware of upcoming astrological events, please let me know about it, so that I might include them in the next issue of this newsletter.

You are welcome to send comments and suggestions in order to improve the quality of this newsletter and the main website,


Contact me by email at

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