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Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg astrology chart He was born on December 18, 1946, at 6:16 pm, in Cincinnati, OH, USA.

Steven Spielberg natal chart

Steven Spielberg biography As one of the most acclaimed directors of the late 20th Century, Steven Spielberg's work has rarely failed to capture the imagination of movie-goers worldwide.

A native of Cincinnati, Spielberg received praise after winning a contest for a film short "Escape To Nowhere", at just 13 years of age.

In a bid to make it in the movie industry, Spielberg raised enough money from a close friend to make "Amblin", a film short that gained the attention of major Hollywood studios, and winning numerous film festival awards.

Spielberg made his feature film debut in 1974 with "The Sugarland Express", which was followed a year later by the Oscar and Academy Award winning "Jaws".

With direct reference to his early work, Spielberg's 'Amblin Entertainment' was thrown into the spotlight in 1982 with its first full length feature 'E.T.'

Following many years of outstanding success with Amblin Entertainment, Spielberg extended his horizons and formed Dreamworks, a highly respected partnership with Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen responsible for films such as Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator and Chicken Run.

Steven Spielberg picture Steven Spielberg picture

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